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VFX Workstation Bundle

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Visual effects is a computationally demanding pursuit. To create worlds you need to have the right hardware behind you. But when you're starting out or going freelance cost and information are often two major challenges. What workstation should you buy? Which monitor is best? How much RAM do you need? So we've put together a bundle that answers all those questions, and at a price that won't break the bank. 

Our VFX Bundle includes some of the very best from industry-leading vendors.

The Workstation

An HP Z440 with 32GB RAM and a 1TB HDD will give you the base you need to start out, and build on your rig at a later date.


NVIDIA's P4000 provides 8GB of GPU RAM, 1,792 CUDA cores, and four display port connectors for all the image intesive work you can throw at it, and is capable of delivering VR and 4K images.

The Display

We've gone with an EIZO CS2420. While it's not a 4K screen it is completely colour accurate, and that's often a lot more important. EIZO make some of the best monitors around, and this one will set you up with an industry standard.

The Tablet

Naturally we've included a Wacom tablet for accurate painting, modelling, sculpting, and editing. This one is an Intuos Medium, something you'll find in visual effects houses and design agencies the world over.

The Price

We know that price is a paramount consideration when you're investing in a machine for freelance work or your education. This bundle comes in at £3,500 and if that seems like a large number, don't worry too much. We have financing options available to help you spread the cost so you won't feel the pinch. Contact us today to find out more about what we can offer. And for a limited time only (until 31st October) we've knocked off an additional 15%, which means you can get this all for £2,975.