Rental Workstations and Peripherals

From time to time your business needs to increase its capacity on a temporary basis. Rental hardware and software can help alleviate the CapEx expense and shift it into an OpEx model.

Technology on Demand

At Escape Technology we offer hardware and software rental services for the times when you need it most. Whether you’ve hit a render jam, you need more workstations on the floor, or you have remote workers starting we can help. The same goes for select software applications, and the two often come at the same time.

Additional Tech Support

We understand the timelines and production practices for your business. Whether you work in games, VFX, pre-visualisation, architectural visualisation or education - our technical team will help get your rental kit up and running with minimal downtime.

So drop us a line if your hardware’s stretched and we’ll get you sorted.

Escape Technology's Rental Service Featured in Definition Magazine