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The world runs on hardware, and because of the ever-increasing demands on data and quality, hardware has to run at optimal efficiency all the time


How We Can Help

When it comes to hardware, there are lots of options to choose from. Navigating the potential minefield of technology can be tricky without the right knowledge and experience. We live and breathe technology. We’ve seen it evolve from the earliest incarnation of computer graphics to the current tide of technical genius. Plus we work alongside the people who are shaping its future.



What makes us really unique is that we understand how hardware works in its purest form – how one piece of kit works with another, and how it works with your pipeline as a whole. We work with you to find the right hardware specifications for your needs. We’re agnostic, which means we only ever recommend technology that fits your needs and your budget. We don’t sell you anything we don’t have complete confidence in.

If you’re looking to update your current hardware infrastructure, or if you’re setting up a new studio and need advice on the best kit to invest in make Escape Technology your first port of call. Contact us for more information.


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