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Incredible fluid simulation embedded directly into Foundry’s Nuke

Eddy for Nuke

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Bring the power of Eddy Engine directly into your Nuke workflow and generate detailed fluid simulations right inside the compositor. You can also license the Simulation and Rendering cores separately to allow for flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Eddy for Nuke 2.6.0: New Features


  • Thermal Diffusion in combustion solvers.

  • Improved VDB cache loader performance.

  • New Instancing system:

    • E_Callsheet allows combination of different sources.

    • E_InstanceItem allows instancing of different source types.

    • E_InstanceItemVariant selects a specific variant of an instance item.

    • E_InstanceItemVolumeCache allows instancing of VDB cache sequences with automatic per instance level of detail generation and time control.

    • E_Instancer generates the final instance collection from the instancing node network.

    • E_InstanceChannel extracts a single channel from an instance collection

    • E_InstanceChannelset extracts a channelset from an instanced collection.

    • E_ParticleInstance will allow placement and selection of instances via particles.

    • E_RandomInstance will allow placement of instances via Axis nodes.

  • E_ParticleSystem converts a Nuke particle system into Eddy’s particle system.

  • E_ParticleExpressions allows execution of per particle expressions on Eddy particles via C++/EddyScript

  • E_ParticleCache support for writing OpenVDB points from an Eddy particle system.

  • E_ParticleCacheLoader loading of OpenVDB points into an Eddy particle system.

  • E_ParticleVisualizer for rendering Eddy particles in OpenGL.

  • Missing file handling options added to E_CacheLoader and E_ParticleCacheLoader

View the System Requirements for Eddy.


  • State of the art fluid simulations for gaseous phenomena
  • Sparse data structures for efficient GPU memory use
  • Combustion engine for fire and explosions
  • Kinematic viscosity solver
  • Conversions of meshes and particles to volumes for collision or emission
  • Volumetric field compositing pipeline for complex emissions and force fields
  • Customisable and extensible via Eddy’s Python template system
  • Extend volumetric field operations via EddyScript
  • Caching support for simulation data


  • State of the art physically based direct volume rendering
  • Volumetric field compositing pipeline
  • Full deep data output support
  • AOV output support
  • Holdout support for meshes and implicit surfaces
  • Optimized GPU scripting engine with artist friendly Python syntax
  • Open and customizable shaders for different volumetric media
  • Support for various color spaces
  • Extend color spaces via python
  • Physical sun/sky model
  • Loading of simulation data from any source
  • Conversions of meshes and particles to volumes


  • Execute Nuke scripts from command-line