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2020 LTS + 2021.1 

Whether you’re creating stunning visuals, working head down in the code, or both, Unity has two releases that enable you to achieve more in less time. Discover smoother workflows and features designed to give you the greater control over how you create and deploy real-time 3D experiences.


Create Stunning Visuals

Discover Optimised Workflows for Creating Stunning Visuals that Engage Players from the Very First Pixel

Universal Render Pipeline (URP) improvements include Camera Stacking for effects like creating 3D models in a 2D UI, the new Complex Lit Shader to simulate materials such as car paint, and new surface inputs in the Lit Shader. The Screen Space Ambient Occlusion improves the visual quality of ambient lighting in scenes.

Shader Graph now includes a more performant Graph Editor. The endpoint of the Graph is a modular collection of feature blocks instead of a monolithic Master Node. Improvements to the Graph Inspector include visual indications of which features and nodes are compatible with setting selections.

GPU and CPU Lightmapper has improved sampling, a higher bounce rate, and uses less memory when baking lightmaps. See which objects are influencing Global Illumination in a scene, and use Lighting Setting Assets to change settings that are used by multiple scenes simultaneously.


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Develop High-Performing Code

Harness coding workflows to help bring your team's vision into an optimized, high-performance game

The LTS release is for creators who value maximum stability and support. It includes improvements to streamline your coding experience, improved testing and profiling, and other enhancements. Achieve more in less time, all with a smoother workflow – then deliver your game to the widest possible audience.

Unity now comes with Safe Mode, so you can load up the Editor with a simpler interface to address any compilation issues in your project. This lets you focus on providing a great experience for your users by harnessing streamlined productivity and a superior development experience.

Unity 2020 LTS improves coding efficiency by supporting most of the latest C# 8 syntax additions such as streamlined switch expressions and nullable reference types. Unity supports many other additions to C# 8 to give you the ability to write less code for more functionality.

Developers, get the most out of your project with our profiling tools. In the Unity Profiler, you can now see performance data in charts, gain insights into serialized functionality to identify potential areas ideal for multi-threaded code, and a Profiler API that exposes performance data points at runtime.


Build Once, Deliver Anywhere

Take your content anywhere your users want you to be. With Unity, you’ll get the most out of today’s hardware, including AR, VR, mobile, and PC devices – and be ready for whatever comes next.

OpenXR support: Unity now supports OpenXR, an open standard provided by Khronos, to help you maximize your reach across a wide range of AR and VR devices.

Quest 2 support: Leverage Unity’s latest features and technology to bring stunning experiences to life on the Oculus platform. You can also use Oculus Link to iterate on projects directly from the Unity Editor.

AR Foundation 4.0: AR Foundation 4.0 supports ARKit scene mesh reconstruction using LiDAR sensors on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro to enable AR experiences that bring a new level of realism.

Adaptive Performance 2.0: Adaptive Performance 2.0 comes with sample projects to showcase new features including Variable Refresh Rate, Scalers, and the Adaptive Performance Simulator extension, which emulates Adaptive Performance on any device.

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Unity for Games

Unity is the ultimate platform to create, operate, launch, and monitise games across all genres from mobile, to PC and console, and VR. Produce immersive experiences and fantastic applications with this complete solution. A rich, flexible, and innovative toolset enables you to iterate faster and develop better than ever before.


Unity for Animation and CG

Real-time rendering is revolutionising the CG and animation filmmaking industry. Directors can now review a scene’s progress while the artist is working, without waiting for the renders.

Get unprecedented levels of creative freedom as Unity lets artists experiment in making tweaks to lighting, camera positioning, and characters themselves and see the results instantly with real-time rendering. These renders can be in the final product - no post production required.

Quickly create multiple versions of scenes for review. Build your world first, then explore to find shots organically.

Streamline workflows and dramatically reduce labour costs and production time while deepening relationships within teams and nurturing creative satisfaction; the collaborative way of working allows all artists to feel their work is valued.


Unity for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Import Autodesk Revit models into Unity Reflect with one click. Collaborate with team members to create immersive, interactive, and photorealistic experiences for VR, AR, and more. Make it easier to visualise operational effectiveness. Share designs with clients to communicate the finished product before physical work even begins. Get feedback and add updates or changes in real time, and see the timeframe your project will take to build.

Create safe VR learning spaces in which train your teams from anywhere in the world, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Use Unity Pro to further the power of Reflect by customising and branding the user experience of your Unity Reflect Viewer – essential when presenting to clients.


Unity for Automotive, Transportation and Manufacturing

Collaborate with team members to design and build your product with VR, making changes and updates in real time long before work begins on any physical prototypes.

VR showrooms allow you to demonstrate products to customers; create virtual test drives to experience a vehicle before it even exists. Build interactive VR learning spaces to train your teams from anywhere in the world, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

The Benefits of Unity Pro

Premium Support

Quickly resolve the most complex issues with high levels of technical support. 

Source Code

Access and modify source code as required. 

Advanced Cloud Diagnostics

Get real‑time data on crashes, exceptions, and user feedback to gain greater visibility into what’s happening in your game.

Splash Screen Customisation

Change up your splash screen or even remove it completely.

Pro Editor UI Theme

A dark UI theme provides an easy‑on‑the‑eyes environment in which to develop your game.

Art Asset Pack

Pro subscribers have free access to a high-end, comprehensive art package created by renowned industry figures.

Havok Physics for Unity

A deterministic physics simulation and collision detection for projects built with Unity’s Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS). Build with confidence using the same battle-tested technology that brings believable physics to ragdolls, vehicles, and Rigidbody constraints at peak performance.


With three seats of Unity Teams Advanced per organisation, Unity Pro enables fast, seamless teamwork thanks to features such as project collaboration and history, integrations with popular collaboration tools for project and build notifications, cloud storage, and automatic cloud builds.


Integrated Live-Ops Analytics allows you to respond instantly to player behavior - adjusting gameplay to create a better user experience, keep players more engaged, and maximise monetisation revenue. 

Premium Learning and Training 

Unity Learn Premium provides you with the most advanced, up-to-date resources to master real-time 3D development and build indispensable industry skills. Get exclusive access to live sessions with Unity Certified Instructors and to an ever-expanding library of award-winning, on-demand content updated for each release.

Support Services

Get direct priority access to dedicated Success Advisors to help get the most from your subscription, and to Customer Service for speedy answers to any billing and account queries.

Unity Mars

An authoring tool to create augmented reality (AR) apps with better workflows and purpose-built authoring tools. Unity Mars helps solve the complexities of AR app development. 

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