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3D Tracking Reinvented


Tracking professionals throughout the VFX industry regard PFTrack as the most innovative product of its kind. With unparalleled flexibility, functionality and precision, it is the go to matchmoving and layout software for a reason: It does what the competition can’t.

Building on a rock-solid camera tracking and image analysis engine, PFTrack adds exclusive technologies that stretch far beyond the capabilities of other conventional matchmoving software, empowering visual artists to recreate entire scenes within an accurate world space defined by real camera metrics.

Every VFX pipeline will benefit from data that only PFTrack can deliver, meaning creative possibilities are limitless, and accessible within a single working environment that inspires imagination.


PFTrack Version 23.03.27 is here!

This latest release of PFTrack combines support for state-of-the-art hardware, extended interoperability with modern visualisation and VFX pipelines and numerous UI and performance enhancements.


New Features and Enhancements




  • Native support for Apple Silicon
  • Industry-standard colour-managed pipeline


Productivity enhancements

  • Optimised OpenEXR pipeline
  • Quicktime HEVC export (MacOS)
  • Optimised ProRes RAW (MacOS)
  • Performance optimisations when using imported ST-maps
  • Improved Cinema rendering performance at high bit depths
  • Upgraded all third-party libraries to the latest versions. (OpenEXR 3.1.5, OpenJPEG 2.5.0, REDR3D 8.3.1, ArriRAW 6.2.3, Alembic 1.8.3, Python 3.10.6, TIFF 4.5.0)
  • Streamlined enterprise-class licensing


User / UI

  • Many UI styling and performance optimisations
  • Added marquee to Auto Match node for rapid tracker selection
  • Documentation is now included in the application installer for ease of access offline


 For more information speak to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.