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PFTrack is an industry-leading match moving and layout tool designed with 3D artists in mind. A favourite within the CG industry, it makes light work of complex geometry builds, detailed per-pixel depth maps and stereoscopic renders of 3D scenes.

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An innovative product with unparalleled flexibility, PFTrack enables users to recreate entire scenes with a fully accurate world space defined by camera metrics. Track objects, buildings, and even facial movements with a comprehensive set of built-in tools, and export data to suit your pipeline.

PF Manager

An additional downloadable tool, PF Manager is a new feature to PFTrack 2018. Use it to update and run your tracking software, or check in on the latest news from The Pixel Farm. It even includes a direct messaging feature to give you instant access to support.

Project Manager

Completely redesigned for PFTrack 2018, the project manager gives you the freedom to manage not only your projects, but your hardware as well. Working with two GPUs? Select which one process tasks or displays. Visually select projects from the overview dashboard and use the snapshot feature to experiment, store information, and rollback to previous iterations

Project Archive

Store and revisit projects using the innovative Project Archive tool to encapsulate your work and assets, including footage and cached renders. Users can send this data to deep storage and relink it later with the click of a button. 

Tagging System

Users can tag and filter projects inside the Project Manager, enabling easy access and viewing of work.

Tracking Tree

PFTrack features a clean and easy to use tracking tree for a flexible workflow. The new 2018 edition sees a tidied up tree and the addition of colour coded connections on nodes. Each node can be connected to assist with tasks such as roto and exporting, giving you an instant visual overview of how your work is connected. 


Powerful masking and tracking tools enable users to generate high quality masks quickly and accurately. Masking has been given its own Roto node, and the x-spline function can be used in combination with the node to auto-roto areas and save on keyframing. All matte work can be exported by using an Export node in conjunction with a Roto node.

Auto Match Node

The new Auto Match node will use common features within the scene to generate a motion track. Users can pair this node with masks to track different elements within a shot and apply effects as needed.