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Different projects require different kinds of storage – cold storage for finished projects that need to be kept safe, or hot storage for when you need quick access to ongoing work. For bigger projects where you need dozens of TB of storage but office space is limited, you’ll find a high-density solution to be the answer. Whatever your needs, Igloo’s fully customisable storage solution can be tailored to suit your budget and technical requirements. 

Cold Storage

-1U Storage Server with support for 12x 3.5” Drives + 4x 2.5” HotSwap SATA/NVMe drives -SAS and SATA Support 

-Low Power 

-Support Commodity drives (Currently 14TB per HDD) 

-Various O/S Support 

-Various CPU and Networking Options


General Storage Servers


HHD Size (Inches)


826 3.5 12
836 3.5 16
216 3.5 24
846 3.5 24
847 3.5 36


417 3.5 72
847D 3.5 72


High Capacity Storage

Drive Size (Inches)



2.5 2 48
3.5 2 24
3.5 4 45
3.5 4 60
3.5 4 90






1 10  
2 24  
2 4 4 Nodes
2 48  
1 38 Ruler Form Factor NF1


Software Defined Storage Solutions

Microsoft Windows Storage Server

Microsoft Windows Storage Server unifies NAS and SAN functionality supporting iSCSI, CIFS/SMB 3.0, NFS V4, and FTP. With a familiar Windows interface and a rich feature set, Igloo enables a wide range of use cases.

Open-E JovianDSS

An enterprise-level toolset through the ZFS file system, featuring unified NAS and SAN supporting iSCSI, CIFS/SMB 3, and NFS protocols with Web GUI for simple operation.

Nexenta – NexentaStor

NexentraStor delivers unified file and block storage services, ZFS file system, scales from tens of terabytes to petabyte configurations, and includes all data management functionality by default.


Focusing on getting a simple hypervisor-converged storage cluster up and running as quickly as possible, VMWare VSAN pools together direct-attached storage devices across a VMware vSphere cluster to create a distributed, shared data store. 

Intel Lustre on ZFS

It’s now possible to meet the performance requirements of HPC on open industry standard x86 platforms thanks to the evolution of software defined high availability platforms like ZFS running on Linux. Storage costs can also be reduced by up to 90%

RedHat Ceph

Maintain control of physical resources that increase operational efficiency while enabling cloud deployments in a single unified storage cluster.

Microsoft - Storage Spaces Direct (S2D)

A software defined storage stack that provides highly available storage across multiple nodes, S2D pools the local disks attached to each that may have traditionally been used just for a compute-only function. The S2D stack can tolerate whole node or multi-node failure depending on configuration, as the data is replicated between nodes.

Excelero NVMesh

A Software-Defined Block Storage solution that features Elastic NVMe, NVMesh is a distributed block layer that allows unmodified applications to utilize pooled NVMe storage devices across a network at local speeds and latencies.