Exos X 2U24 RAID System


Exos X 2U24 RAID System

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Exos X 2U24

Seagate® Exos™ X 2U24 is the datasphere’s favourite entry-level solution for right-sized storage performance at an exceptional price point.

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Product Highlights

  • Expand a data centre seamlessly with flexible hard drive and hybrid flash configuration options
  • Efficiently manage hot and cold data with real-time data tiering feature option
  • Deliver unfettered data access with dual redundant controllers capable of achieving up to 7 GB/s sequential read, 5.5 GB/s sequential write performance
  • Rebuild drives faster than ever and reduce downtime with Seagate ADAPT data protection technology
  • Opt for replication and snapshot features to meet critical enterprise requirements


Key Advantages


Maximum Capacity and Consistent High Performance. 

Leverage both speed and performance at a budget-friendly price. This system enables the smallest business to the largest data centre to efficiently deliver data to applications at 320K maximum IOPS in a hybrid configuration, the best price/performance system in its class on the market today. By seamlessly adapting from hybrid flash to all-hard drive configurations, this nimble system flexes as use cases evolve and capacity needs increase.

Cost-Optimised Architecture. 

This flexible solution is perfect for businesses with demanding streaming environments that require high read and write throughput, while still needing considerable storage space. Built to ensure space is used to its maximum potential, application access to data is virtually instantaneous, ensuring IT and end users can work efficiently.

Easy to Set Up, Maintain, and Expand

All system components — the enclosure, the controller, the firmware, and the drives — are developed and optimised by our engineers to work together seamlessly. This reduces support calls and eliminates technical learning curves. Modular architecture makes components interchangeable between systems, and upgrades are simple due to common FRUs, PCMs, controllers, and software.

Get Data to Applications Fast and Protect Valuable Assets

This system is full of features that enable extreme cost efficiency and up to 99.999% data availability. Parallel architecture, multi-core processing, data replication, and fast streaming make access to data unfettered, while exclusive Seagate ADAPT data protection technology enables fast and efficient drive rebuilds that virtually eliminate system downtime.

Build In Security at the Foundation of the Data Life Cycle

Protect the most valuable business assets with Seagate Secure™ cybersecurity features and intelligent firmware — such as SFTP, SED support, and administrator access controls — that provide builtin security measures for reliable and safe file access, transfer, and management.


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