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The application is constantly reviewed by its developers in order to give users the best performance. Royal Render is designed to save time meaning you are able to focus on the more important things during project development.

Key Features

Preview images

When submitting overnight jobs, Royal Render shows a selection of frames first, enabling users to check the files and leave knowing the correct settings have been applied.

Sequence viewer

HD renders with 500 frames can be loaded within 20 seconds enabling users to preview their work with ease.

Image checks

Royal Render features an intuitive image checking system to ensure frames are fully rendered and readable.

User approval

Before running post-scripts users are able to pause the job and submit for approval.

Shared plugins

Configured with plugin folders for VRay for Maya, Redshift , MtoA, SitoA, and HtoA. Plugin folders are also included for other renders such as Arnold, Kick, and Redshift

Intelligent clients

Royal Render’s intelligent client system consistently checks for frozen or crashed renders, provides auto-shutdown, and caching of texture files. 

Cloud rendering

Spin-up cloud-based render clients depending on your workload and deadline

Cross platform

Available for Windows and Linux. 


Royal Render is fully customisable without requiring a scripting language, giving users greater flexibility when adding functionality and applications.