RailClone is an industry leading parametric modelling plugin for 3ds Max. Used by artists in the visual effects and AEC markets, RailClone enables users to create sophisticated procedural objects easily without using code.


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With its array based generators, RailClone is the ideal tool for architects and engineers as it can be used to construct railing, stairs, tiled roofs, and all manner of parametric models that are needed to construct buildings and cities in 3D. RailClone doesn't just benefit the AEC market, visual effects artists can reap the benefits of this plug in as well should they need to create roads, rail tracks and all manner of parametric models to bring their 3D creations to life.


There are no limits to your creativity. RailClone is able to create any parametric object.

Easy to use

Featuring an easy-to-understand graphical style editor, you can create sophisticated structures without the use of code.


RailClone features transformers, slicers and deformers which enable you to create seamless objects quickly


With advanced algorithms to deform geometry to follow sloping paths and surfaces. Railclone can do the thinking for you when creating uneven walls, stairs, and handrails.