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A volumetric format, PresenZ gives users the ability to move around inside images, creating a true sense of scale in photorealistic - computer generated - environments. PresenZ can achieve the same level of quality that we’re used to seeing in contemporary visual effects, offering a one-of-a-kind client deliverable.

Easy to use

With the PresenZ authoring plugin you can use your 3D assets and software to create full VR experiences. Simply replace the existing camera with a PresenZ camera and render your scene in the PresenZ VR format.

Perfect for architectural visualisation, promotional content, and entertainment, PresenZ offers uncompromising standards in VR experiences.

Recommended System Configuration

WINDOWS 10 with DirectX12


PresenZ is compatible with any OpenVR Headset, including:

  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus
  • Microsoft Mixed Reality
  • StarVR


NVidia GPUs with a minimum of 6GB RAM.


Intel i7 or i9 with a minimum of 4 cores, 2.8 Ghz


16 GB of DDR4 minimum