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ZBrush is the industry’s leading digital sculpting package. Featuring powerful tools to create everything from cars to demons, ZBrush brings incredible freedom to 3D artists.  
ZBrush 2019

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Key Features

Non-Photorealistic Rendering

New overlaying textures allow you to render your 3D sculptures in a variety of 2D styles. Apply built in presets or create textures of your own to transport your sculptures into 2D space.

Snapshot 3D

Complex 3D shapes can be created by combining 2D alphas with Boolean-type addition or subtraction tools, enabling you to add even more detail.

ZRemesher v3.0

ZRemesher is now even faster and efficient at detecting and maintaining creased edges and sharp surfaces on your digital models.


Organise your meshes into folders. Actions can be applied to folders giving you the flexibility transform a number of meshes at once.

Universal Camera

Match the focal length of imported photographs to your 3D model. ZBrush camera setting can be exported to any other 3D application including Maya, 3DS Max, and Unreal engine.

Intersection Masker

Complex masks can be created where geometry islands intersect on selected SubTools.


Consistent colour results can be achieved thanks to ZColor, specific pallets are created depending on the mood you’re trying to convey.