ZBrush 2018

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ZBrush 2018 is an industry standard, comprehensive digital sculpting tool used by 3D artists all over the world.


Pixologic’s premier modelling software gives artists the tools they need to paint and sculpt 2D and 3D models from concept right through to completion. Users are also able to step between different resolutions, enabling them to make changes on any level, giving creatives the opportunity to make intricate and complex creations.

Live Boolean

Artists are able to combine multiple sculptures together in real time and see what the resulting mesh will look like instantly. Users are able to live sculpt their models while previewing the results, giving them the ultimate 3D sculpting experience.

Live Boolean can be used with existing instancing systems including NanoMesh and ArrayMesh.

Sculptris Pro

Sculptris Pro allows users to create without having to worry about about polygon distribution. Artists who import their models into ZBrush 2018 will no longer have to retopologize their model or switch to DynaMesh before importing. 

Transform Multiple SubTools At Once

With the Gizmo 3D transformation tool, artists can multi-select and manipulate  SubTools. Users can select as many SubTools as they want and scale, rotate and move them as needed.


Zbrush 2018 comes with 27 deformers, which feature unique tools for shaping models with ease. Users are able to make large adjustments to any of their sculptures including:

  • Bend on curve: bend text around curved surfaces
  • Free Form Deformation: adjust the silhouette of any model
  • Project Primitive deformer: Use multiple primitives to cut into the surface of a mesh, reshape it, build it up from another mesh and more
  • Other deformers include Extender and Multi-Slice

Interactive Primitives

Tools have been included so that artists can freely adjust shape geometry. This can be achieved even after a shape has been applied to a surface. With the tools available artists are able to turn a few primitives into a whole library of sculptable shapes.

Alpha 3D

Users can convert any sculpture or shape can be converted into a 2D alpha. Once converted, artists are able to reposition, rotate, and adjust the alpha to any axis.

Multi Vector Displacement Mesh

Allowing users to build custom brushes with a variety of vector displacement meshes, the Multi Vector Displacement Mesh system allows artists to draw complex objects. 

3D text and vector shape creator

Zbrush comes with tools to allow users to create 3D text in real time, making it possible for individual words or a phase to be created in 3D.

Alpha Streaks

Alpha streak mode allows users to apply random streaks to an alpha. This gives artists the ability to create unique brush strokes which streak across their 3D models.