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Specifically designed for media and entertainment workflows, PixStor is a highly scalable enterprise class storage solution that utilises both the data centre and the cloud, enabling you to get the maximum potential and efficiency out of your studio.

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Used by post production houses such as Electric Theatre Collective, Freefolk, and Territory PixStor is a cost-effective solution for 4K and high resolution pipelines, combining flash, disk, tape, and cloud storage into a global file system namespace that treats storage and network as one unified workflow. PixStor is also an excellent solution for render farms as it offers effortless burst rendering to the cloud, giving you more power when you need it.

PixStor enables studios to maximise the potential of their existing pipelines by offering high performance NAS with the bandwidth needed for sequential playback of VFX, finishing, and rendering. PixStor answers the storage challenges that post production houses face daily with one cost-effective storage solution.

Read our Territory Studio case study to see how PixStor works for them.

High Performance Parallel File System

HPFS with Limitless Scale Powered by IBM Spectrum Scale adds ease of use, collaboration, tiering, cloud integration and relentless support all on open standard hardware.

Transparent Data Tiering to NAS, Object, Tape, and the Cloud

Reserving high speed storage for projects in progress by moving everything else to low cost archive while maintaining a single view of all data.

Effortless Burst Rendering

Painlessly cloudburst onto unlimited nodes, minimizing data transfer and maximizing data locality.

Simplified Management and Workflow Automation

Easy Python API programming interface removes complexity and provides DevOps style management capabilities for systems administrators and pipeline developers.

Complete Data Awareness

Intuitive user-defined metadata harvesting, tagging, and lightning fast search

Advanced Analytics

Real-time performance, history and trending with statistics


SMBv2/3, NFS, FTP, HTTP, S3, HDFS and POSIX parallel file system client for extreme performance.