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Dynamic Data Management

ngenea is a ground-breaking on-demand data management solution, designed to harmonise globally distributed workflows, so that you can access your data whenever, wherever and however you need it – simply and cost-effectively.

Developed by pixitmedia to overcome the challenges of moving and accessing data across multiple storage platforms, ngenea provides an enormously scalable high-performance data management layer that extends the existing filesystem into alternative storage options to give you complete control of your data, on your terms.


Move data easily based on business needs

With ngenea you can quickly and securely transport data to and from globally distributed cloud, object storage, traditional NAS files and tape resource, automatically moving data into the ‘right cost’ resource according to value and usage as teams and business needs demand.  Up to 2.5GB/s transfer speed per file


The Power of a Single Global Namespace

ngenea wraps existing file, Cloud and object storage in a global namespace within a single view of the data, retaining the full path and filename wherever that may be. Integrated with pixstor’s powerful enhanced Search capabilities, users and applications can find, read and access migrated data directly across distinct storage tiers, all in a seamless unified workflow.


Remove the complexity and overheads of data movement

Extends your capacity at exactly the right time and exactly the right price.

Minimises your on-premise infrastructure requirements.

Enables hybrid workflows with reduced egress costs without unnecessary data replication for collaborative and burst compute use cases.

Consolidates existing islands of storage into a single usable area with no interruption to service.

Significantly reduces the overheads associated with long haul data transfer.

Enterprise-scale data protection without the need for complex third-party software


Supported Targets:
  • Amazon S3
  • Ceph
  • Dell EMC ECS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • HGST Active Archive
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
  • NetApp Storage Grid
  • Spectra Logic Black Pearl
  • NFS-based storage shares including EMC Isilon, Nexenta, NetApp FAS and Qumulo
  • SwiftStack

 pixitmedia global collaboration with ngenea infograph


Typical use cases


Efficient Burst Render

Deliver the data you need to move your render jobs to cloud compute.

Consistent Asset View

ngenea delivers a consistent view of project assets across all storage types; delivering extraordinary performance and high-availability failover protection

Multi-site Collaboration

Unite distributed teams across sites by making data available in multiple locations in a single namespace providing a consistent unified view of project assets and enabling seamless collaboration

Content Delivery

Deliver assets to content stores, allowing consumption directly by end users or applications. Benefit from the option of keeping management of the assets onpremises, easily allowing revision or further distribution

Storage Cost Saving

Manage storage costs by automatically migrating assets from primary storage to object storage, tape and Cloud

NAS Acceleration and Migration

Files are directly accessed from high-speed pixstor storage as needed, intelligently moving data between pixstor and existing NAS storage

Smarter Archiving

Move data to archive storage, whilst preserving ease of access and data management capabilities. pixitmedia’s pixstor Search allows you to retain visibility of the assets no matter their archive status



ngenea in action 

Read here to find out how Union used ngenea to achieve complex scenes on For All Mankind for Apple TV+




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