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In a nutshell, VCA provides GPU based rendering in the local cloud and can be combined to create high performance render clusters which can be shared by multiple users to provide fast, noise free, production ready, final frame renders.

Benefits of Quadro VCA

  • Benefit from accelerated design or VFX workflows while still delivering photo-real images quicker than ever before.
  • A single VCA or multiple VCAs clustered together let you scale beyond your desktop workstation to achieve accelerated render capability.
  • Enjoy the high quality interactive rendering performance of a multi GPU workstation from a significantly more light-weight computer.
  • Centralising GPU rendering resources in a data center allows multiple 3D artists to benefit from interactive, multi GPU rendering.
  • Initially designed for data centers, you can rest assured in the flexibility and reliability of VCA.

Now it’s possible to run industry leading software applications with GPU accelerated renderers and Quadro VCA for impeccable results. An ideal solution for the most challenging of product design, entertainment and architectural visualisation workloads Quadro VCA supports both Iray and V-Ray RT GPU rendering.

Iray Compatibility

NVIDIA Iray is a state of the art, physically based and CUDA accelerated photorealistic renderer that delivers production quality ray-traced graphics when running on a Quadro M6000. Because Iray works by physically simulating the real world aspects of light and materials, the resulting rendered images provide an accurate real-world representation of 3D digital creations.

By combining Iray and VCA users can experience fully interactive ray-traced graphics as part of their design workflow.

A key benefit to Iray is how it offers the ability to scale up across multiple GPUs. installing an additional Quadro M6000 into a workstation can double your render speed. But Iray isn’t limited to the GPUs available in the local workstation. By simply changing an option in the Iray render settings you can switch from local rendering and connect to a VCA or cluster of VCAs giving us the power to use the Photoreal Iray render at similar speeds as the interactive renderer, but with a complete physically-based lighting model.

Accelerated performance with V-Ray RT

Chaos Group, the creators of V-Ray, have developed for GPU technology since 2009 and continue to enhance the solutions they offer. V-Ray RT GPU rendering is included with V-Ray for 3ds Max and V-Ray for Maya.

When combined with Quadro VCA, V-Ray RT fully embraces the parallel processing capabilities with awesome results for pre-vis and final frame rendering.

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