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Designed for professional CG artists, RealFlow offers the ability to produce accurate and realistic fluid simulation effects for fluids, water surfaces, rigid bodies, soft bodies and fibres. The developers of this great application worked hard to pack a whole new level of power into their latest version, RealFlow 10. Discover the new DYVERSO multiphysics solver, an optimised CPU and GPU particles solver, allowing for a range of different materials to be simulated within the same framework as well as interact with each other. They’ve also improved the HYBRIDO solver in terms of speed and memory. You’ll also find a host of useful new daemons and a great many other new features.

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New Features Inside RealFlow 10

Speed Improvements with DYVERSO solver

Having redesigned the DYVERSO solver architecture you can now harness greater power from modern GPUs and multi-core CPUs.

  • GPU 2-8x (over CPU)
  • GPU CUDA 3x (over RealFlow 2015)
  • GPU OpenCL 3x (over RealFlow 2015)
  • CPU 2x (over RealFlow 2015)*


Check out the new Particle Skinner daemon which allows you to transfer particle motion and animation to geometry objects. And the Falloff Object daemon offers greater control when fading a daemon’s forces.


It is now possible to manage all your projects in a more user friendly way. Having improved the project manager you now have quick access to your scenes and learning materials.


Rigid Multiphysics Dyverso Solver

Elastic Multiphysics Dyverso Solver

Falloff Object Mode Daemon

K Volume Object Mode Daemon

Particle Skinner Daemon

Granular Multiphysics Dyverso Solver

Liquid Dyverso Solver