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Komotion for Maya | Komotion

Komotion’s cutting-edge and essential 3D toolset for Autodesk Maya. The full range of tools gives users unprecedented productivity and creative freedom, and new ways of thinking about 3D content creation. 
Komotion for Maya

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Leading productivity with the Komotion toolset 

Komotion users, even those with no rigging skills, can build complex rigs meeting extensive technical requirements, from scratch, in minutes; not days or weeks. The fully procedural 3D toolset gives Artists and Animators have complete creative ownership and freedom across Rigging, Skinning and Animation, with incredible productivity. 

New technical and creative possibilities to explore 

Komotion’s fully procedural auto-rig is an industry first, allowing Riggers and TDs rapidly prototype complex ideas and technical solutions for Skeletal Rigs. Artists and Animators can explore complex technical concepts and new solutions for building their own unique Skeletal Rigs with ease. Komotion opens up completely new ways of thinking about 3D modelling, rigging, and animation for creative and unique content creation. 

More expressive and unique animation with Komotion Rigs 

Komotion Rigs are not fixed, static structures, and they have no reliance at all on pre-built templates or modules. Rigs and Chains built with Komotion can be thought of as biological beings in of themselves, that can limitlessly grow, extend, reconfigure and evolve during key-frame animation. Skeletal animation with Komotion Rigs is completely fluid allowing for limitless amounts of movement to maximise creativity, productivity and quality. Komotion also introduces new Animation Controls for posing complex rigs, and creating unique poses. 

Full Game Engine compatibility – Effortless animation and integration with other rigs 

All Komotion Rigs and Chains export to game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine 4, with no other preparation or technical work required. Komotion Rigs and Chains can be linked and integrated onto custom rigs and rigs built with other auto-rigs. Users can freely extend any Skeletal structure, even with existing character animation.  

Available on Windows for Maya 2016 Ext. 2, 2017, 2018 and 2019