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Access your Z workstation from anywhere in the world with HP Z Central Remote Boost.
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Formerly known as RGS, Remote Boost comes bundled with all HP Z workstations and is available to buy for other systems. It provides a software-only sure remote access system so that you can use the power of your HP Z from anywhere. 

By reserving a small amount of CPU and GPU resources, Remote Boost streams your workstation screen over the internet to be viewable and interacted with over a secure connection. With no data leaving the machine itself (or your in-house network) Remote Boost is a completely secure solution to the demands of remote working. 

Key Features

Dynamic Resizing

Users can dynamically resize content to match the resolution of the device they're working on, or match it to the centralised hardware they're tapping into.

HP Velocity

Use HP Velocity software to improve latency in wide area networks and increase network traffic tolerance, for solid performance even over poor connections.

4K & Multi-Display Support

HP ZCentral Remote Boost supports 4K and multi-display setups, so users can have the flexibility to work from almost any end-point device.

Touch Gestures

Zoom, tap and swipe controls are available in any application.

Graphics Hardware Acceleration

Advanced Video Compression (AVC) compresses the pixels being sent over the network to improve your frame rate.

Remote USB

With local control and access, you can virtually attach or block a USB device to a remote system.

Operating Systems

HP Z Central Remote Boost software is compatible with most desktop operating systems including Windows, MacOS, and Linux. No need to install any extra drivers or app updates for supported operating systems.

Software Included

You don't need any additional infrastructure costs to start working remotely. ZCentral Remote Boost is included on all HP Z devices.