Forest pack pro


Forest Pack Pro is iToo Software’s leading 3ds Max plugin for object scattering. It’s used in post production and architecture pipelines the world over, enabling artists to scatter objects to create areas of trees, buildings, and even populate large crowds of people.

Forest pack pro

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With its production tested algorithms and native shaders, artists can render a countless amount of polygons without putting a strain on hardware. And with its ability to mimic natural growth patterns in trees you’ll be able to generate realistic forest, jungles, woodlands and more. Vast crowds of people can also be populated with ease with the plugin’s tools for randomising time offsets of animated meshes and proxies. 

Distribution patterns

Over 35 built in distribution patterns giving you the ability to group plants into naturalistic growth patterns automatically.

Item editor mode

Refine your compositions using the inbuilt manual editor. This enables you to modify individual items without any loss in rendering efficiency.


Animated objects can be scattered while retaining significant memory efficiency. Sync or randomise animations using Forest Packs powerful tools.

Supported geometry 

Any model you create can be scattered. Forest Pack can use any geometry objects including groups, proxies, and parametric models.