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Update 1.2.2 What's New? 

RealityCapture 1.2.2, bringing you: 

  • Improvements to a renderer for showing large models in the 3D viewport*, 
  • Faster mesh calculation**
  • RealityCapture Online Help Section link  
  • Furthermore, we are bringing improvements and fixes for a seamless transition to Unreal Engine 5 and speed-ups in the reconstruction process**


*dependent on GPU VRAM  

**up to 25% speed-up in the mesh reconstruction process


This release brings several improvements to your pipeline, including an automated workflow for transferring large datasets from RealityCapture to Unreal Engine 5, and under-the-hood changes for easier cloud deployment. It also includes the ability to construct models and export them to Sketchfab at a limited resolution without using PPI credits, from where you can share, sell, and download them under the terms of the Sketchfab EULA. After your first upload to Sketchfab, you will automatically get a one-year Sketchfab Pro account.


Key Features

  • Export to Sketchfab at no additional cost using PPI license (limitation 300k polygons and 1 x 4k texture).
  • Automated workflow for transferring large datasets from RC to UE5.
  • RealityCapture Automated CLI pipeline for Large Datasets.
  • UE5 Photogrammetry Importer.
  • Under-the-hood improvements for easier cloud deployment.
  • RealityCapture to Unreal Engine Optimizations.
  • An extended console view with a command line and new command line commands.
  • UI improvements.


  • Console view extended with command line.
  • Create command sequences and add them to the app ribbon.
  • Export to Sketchfab at no additional cost using PPI license.
  • (limitation 300k polygons and 1 x 4k texture).
  • CLI license floating token is the same for all floating licenses.
  • Build expiry date extended to 5 years.
  • Support for colmap scenes.
  • Refactored UDIM export.

RealityCapture site Image

Selected New Features

  • New smoothing style that works on peaks.
  • New simplifying options.
  • Faster depth-map calculation during the Preview Model reconstruction.
  • Export material information when exporting FBX models.
  • Upload to Cesium Ion through Map Wizard.
  • Added relative alignment precision options.
  • Bright background option.
  • Automatic brightness and contrast enhancement in 2D view.
  • Sort control points.
  • Select (non)registered images.
  • The display contours option in the app ribbon.
  • Show component information in the 2D view.
  • Component name as a suffix for control points imported with a component.
  • License does not have to be allocated for a certain period of time.
  • Standard license activation can be deactivated in the application settings.
  • Several changes in reports.
  • Signed reports are exported for free.

New CLI Commands

  • Progress redirected to Command Prompt with printProgress.
  • Export selected components with two new commands: exportSelectedComponentDir, exportSelectedComponentFile.
  • Detect features with the command detectFeatures.
  • Export snapshots with the command exportSelectedCamerasSnapshots.
  • Print report lines into Command Prompt with printReport.
  • Delete control points, control point measurements, and distance constraints.
  • Set the image layer to an image or to multiple images with setImageLayer or setImagesLayer.
  • Remove the image layer with removeImageLayer.
  • Various editing options for selections.

RealityCapture VFX image

Selected Fixes

  • Map Wizard refractor.
  • Exported FBX files now have smoothing groups defined.
  • Cesium 3D Tiles export changed to allow disabling GZip compression and triangle strip generation for improved viewer compatibility.
  • Texture names specify UDIM tile number last.
  • Models uploaded to Sketchfab are unlit.
  • Added option to disable density equalisation for simplifying.

Minor Fixes

  • Fixed artifacts in texturing from images with masks.
  • Several Depth-Map calculation fixes.
  • Several cut-by-box fixes.
  • Several RCNode fixes.
  • Several small fixes in CLI.
  • Several SharpnessMap fixes.
  • Several Import/Export fixes.

RealityCapture BuildingImage





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