Hyperconverged Virtual SAN

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DataCore’s Hyperconverged Virtual SAN solution takes you into the merged power of compute and infrastructure to create a high-performance, highly available and cost-effective hyperconverged infrastructure with your cluster of virtualized hosts.

Usage gives real-time performance that scales to improves application speed and boost VM (Virtual Machine) density with DataCore’s innovative performance technologies including Parallel I/O to give blistering response times and price-performance that scales up or out to meet your workload’s needs. Unlike most Hyperconverged solutions that place restrictions on the hardware or hypervisors you can choose, DataCore gives the freedom to deploy  the best hypervisor for your application and grow when and how you want, scaling capacity independent of nodes.

DataCore’s Virtual SAN almost always offers a cheaper entry into hyperconverged, allowing you to dramatically lower both capital and operational costs, implementing an always-on infrastructure with just two nodes (most require three) and lowering the node count by increasing node density. For management, you can now leverage all devices from one single pane.