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DataCore SANsymphony is an enterprise-class software platform that provides a high-performance, highly available, and agile storage infrastructure with low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Blistering Fast Access to Your Ever-scaling Data and Applications

Run your applications up to 3x faster by leveraging DataCore’s Parallel I/O technology. When speed is of the essence, SANsymphony shows the fastest response time in the industry based on industry benchmarks with best price-performance, allowing you to seamlessly scale out with fewer systems and use standard hardware.

With SANsymphony behind your agency, studio or business, you never worry about downtime again. Rest assured knowing your data is always available, even across a stretch cluster, as failures are handled automatically with zero downtime and zero touch. Disaster Recovery is also afforded, with efficient asynchronous replication, should the worst happen. And to protect against malware or ransomware, we can simply take the ransom out of that, as our CDP tracks all recent changes protecting from viruses and malware and allows you to rollback to the point before attack.

If your hardware changes, the software layer above doesn’t, so you retain the freedom of choice for tin and you can extend the life of your existing storage hardware as the software does the clever optimisation of resources.