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V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D

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 V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D

V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D packs in tools that empower artists to free their imaginations and bring their visions to life. Now, they can easily add realistic details such as stickers, labels, cracks, stains, and scratches to any surface in just a few clicks. New tools allow them to create detailed geometric surfaces for stunning close-up shots, or just the right sky for their environment in no time. They can take their product and HDRI renders to the next level with more control over the V-Ray Dome Light with the new Finite mode. Plus, they can render particles based on different conditions, and make use of ACEScg for industry-standard color workflows. And much more.


Key Features in V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D

Create Without Limits and Explore Your Boldest Ideas with Tools that Let You Create Anything Imaginable

V-Ray Decal

Add anything from stickers and labels to cracks, stains, and scratches in just a few clicks. Project V-Ray Decals onto surfaces at any angle without extra UVW work or disturbing the underlying materias. Turn on displacement for even more realism.

V-Ray Enmesh

Tile 3D geometry patterns across objects to create complex surfaces with lots of detail for stunning close-up shots. Enmesh is ideal for creating ntricate panels, fences, fabrics, and so much more, and it uses much less memory than displacement or copying by hand.

Procedural Clouds

Create the perfect sky for your environment in just a few clicks with V-Ray Sun and Sky’s new procedural clouds system. Easily simulate a variety of cloud types and weather conditions, from partly cloudy to overcast. Render realistic stills, or dynamic timelapses.


Enhance Your Workflow

Make Faster Decisions, Use Industry-Standard Color Workflows and More

ACEScg support

Use ACEScg for industry-standard color workflows. Render with automatic color space adjustment for textures, dispersion, sun & sky, and light temperature colors.

Light Cache in Interactive

Make better decisions while iterating designs with V-Ray’s Interactive Renderer output now being identical to the production renderer.

Finite Dome light mode

Elevate your product design and HDRI renders with the new, more flexible ground projection capabilities of the V-Ray Dome Light. Control the size of a dome light and blend settings with the new finite mode.

Enhanced V-Ray Material energy preservation

Render even more physically accurate rough metals and other reflective surfaces with enhanced V-Ray Material energy preservation.

Thin Film layer

Easily create iridescent materials such as soap bubbles, oil spills, and more with the new Thin Film option available in the V-Ray Material.


What’s New...

The latest V-Ray 6 update in December 2023 provides novel ways to shade faster and better while creating materials with even greater physically accuracy and making it even easier to collaborate your work in V-Ray 6 with other sources and frameworks.

Initial Enscape compatibility

Effortlessly transfer data from Enscape (3.5.6 or above) within CAD software such as Archicad or Vectorworks to V-Ray, allowing you to finetune details to transform real-time designs into sophisticated, high-end visualizations. Ensure continuity all the way from concept to final render.

MaterialX rendering support

Immerse yourself in any project with the freedom to seamlessly load and render MaterialX shaders directly in V-Ray for Cinema 4D — no reworking, no data loss. This support is introduced through the V-Ray VRmat material.

Chaos Vantage Animation Rendering

Achieve final production quality animations in record time with Chaos Vantage. Quickly generate project previews, without the need for additional material setup. With high-quality visuals right from the word go, the approval process is faster and more efficient. 

Shadow Select

Take compositing control to a new level when using the Light Select render element. Effortlessly control individual shadow visibility, scene influence, intensity, and color.

Individual Camera Controls

Attain finer control over your cameras. Customize parameter overrides per camera or specify auto exposure and auto white balance preferences per camera.

V-Ray Enmesh

Tile 3D geometry patterns across objects to create complex surfaces with lots of detail for stunning close-up shots, all while reducing memory use compared to displacement or copying by hand.

Faster animation rendering

Render image sequences up to 4x faster with V-Ray GPU. V-Ray now caches bitmaps between animation frames, eliminating the need for reloads, leading to a substantial increase in rendering speed.

V-Ray OSL support

Take your material and texture creation to the next level. Render stunning procedural materials and intricate textures by harnessing the power of the reintroduced V-Ray OSL Material and Texture, enabling you to create customized, realistic, and visually stunning renders.

Material Conversion

Streamline your workflow with hassle-free material conversion and save precious time by effortlessly converting Standard Cinema 4D materials to V-Ray Classic Materials, or Redshift Standard materials into V-Ray Node Materials; no recreation needed.

Chaos Cosmos IES Lights

Illuminate your interiors faster than ever before. Our ever-expanding library of ready-to-render assets, Chaos Cosmos, now lets you import 3D light models, including realistic IES light profiles, in just a few clicks. 


And More...

VFB Panorama Viewer

You can now preview your spherical panorama renders while rendering, right from your V-Ray Frame Buffer.

Composition Guides Layer in VFB

Experiment and enhance your image compositions right in the VFB with the new, customizable composition guides layer in the VFB. 

New VFB Interactive Rendering options

  • Select materials, objects and focus points while rendering. No need to spend precious time looking, it’s as fast and easy as a single click of a mouse now.
  • V-Ray is the renderer that does it all, allowing users to create anything imaginable without having to switch to third-party applications that interrupt their creative process.
  • V-Ray Decal. Users can achieve more realistic results by easily adding details such as stickers, labels, cracks, stains, and scratches to any surface.
  • V-Ray Enmesh. V-Ray 6 brings in the most memory-efficient way to create detailed geometric patterns for impressive close-up shots.
  • Procedural clouds. It also allows users to create the perfect sky for their environment in just a few clicks and render powerful time-lapse videos.
  • ACEScg support. With support for ACEScg, users can work in industry-standard color workflows.
  • Particle rendering support. This new version allows users to render a wide variety of particles based on various parameters.
  • New subscription plans. Last but not least, users can now render with V-Ray in any host applicationand benefit from the powerful suite of Chaos products and services with just a single license.

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