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V-Ray 6 for SketchUp

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V-Ray 6 for SketchUp  

Chaos V-Ray 6 for SketchUp opens a new chapter of design development and collaboration. Users can now bring their Enscape scenes to V-Ray, and, with Chaos Cloud Collaboration, they can share their progress and get feedback on their work. Powerful new workflows allow them to intuitively create intricate skies and complex geometric patterns like a seasoned pro. Improvements in the V-Ray material enable faster creation of even more realistic materials than before. And much, much more.


Next Level Collaboration

V-Ray & Enscape Compatibility 

Introducing the most powerful visualisation workflow in the AEC industry. With V-Ray 6, it’s simple to transfer real-time scenes from Enscape and continue building on work to take it to the highest possible level of photorealism. With support for Enscape materials, 3D models, and lights, V-Ray ensures that all design decisions are kept throughout the project development stages and collaboration between designers and visualisation specialists is smoother than ever. No dead ends. No starting over. A seamless end-to-end design process.

Chaos Cloud Collaboration

It’s easy to share work and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders on the cloud. With one-click Chaos Cloud Collaboration, you can upload your images and image panoramas straight from the V-Ray Frame Buffer and significantly speed up the approval process.

Streamline Your Workflow

Procedural Clouds 

Add just the right clouds for any scene without spending hours browsing through HDRI libraries. The new procedural cloud system is a flexible and memory-efficient way to create any cloudy sky and animate it for impressive timelapse presentations.

V-Ray Enmesh 

Create complex geometric patterns over object surfaces to make panels, fences, fabrics, and more in an automated and memory-efficient way. 

Finite Dome Light

Fine-tune the scale and add depth to project environments when using image-based lighting with this new V-Ray Dome Light Mode.

Distance Texture 

Vary effects, such as displacement or procedural fur, based on proximity create a realistic correlation between the elements in a composition. Create a well-trodden path through a procedural lawn or form dark spots under downspouts. 

Enhanced Dirt Texture 

Place dirt with higher precision by adding or excluding objects.

Better Translucent Materials

Render translucent materials such as frosted glass or marble faster with the V-Ray Material’s improved subsurface scattering mode. 

Iridescent Materials 

Easily create iridescent materials such as soap bubbles, oil spills, and more with the new Thin Film option available in the V-Ray Material. 

More Accurate Reflections 

Metals and rough reflective materials render more accurately thanks to a new energy preservation technique.

Pause Your Renders 

Pause and resume renders at any time.

Asset Tags 

Group assets using the new tag system in the Asset Editor to improve scene organisation in complex projects. 

ACEScg Colour Management 

Take advantage of a wider colour palette for render output with the industry-standard ACEScg colour encoding system. 

Smarter Light calculation in Interactive Mode 

Achieve better-exposed results that are even closer to final render quality thanks to Light Cache calculations in IPR mode. 


What's New? 

More scattering capabilities

Effortlessly add grass, trees, rocks, and light sources to your scenes with just a few clicks. The updated Scatter tool improves scatter precision by introducing advanced scattering modes across grids, curves, and volumes alongside improved area modifiers and expanded transformation settings. 

Better V-Ray scene import

Importing V-Ray scenes from Enscape and other applications is now a smoother, faster and more efficient process thanks to a significantly improved UI for materials and textures and optimized texture buffer management.

VFB Improvements

Enhance your editing process with several upgrades to the V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB). The new Chromatic Aberration effect adds color distortion similar to real-life lens imperfections, giving your projects subtle realism.

Improved Chaos Cosmos

V-Ray’s built-in material library is now part of Chaos Cosmos, so it’s easy to find and manage all assets in a single location. Cosmos assets with built-in IES light sources are importable and ready for rendering, offering expanded lighting choices from Cosmos.

Improved viewport materials

If you use SketchUp viewport screenshots for presentations, you can now display procedural textures and their corrections within the viewport, enabling a better design and presentation process.

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