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V-Ray for Maya | Chaos Group

Powerful V-Ray Scene Intelligence, fully redesigned IPR, and 2x faster GPU production rendering make V-Ray for Maya an industry-leading 3D rendering software.
V-Ray for Maya

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Used across a number of industries including animation, interior design, automotive, fashion, architecture, and product design, V-Ray for Maya is built to handle your biggest and most-challenging projects.

Including both CPU and hybrid rendering options, V-Ray differs from other rendering solutions by using adaptive ray-tracing technology and proprietary scene intelligence to create photo-realistic imagery. It accurately calculates the physical properties of any material, and the distribution of light.

V-Ray for Maya Key Features

Adaptive Dome Light

Based on V-Ray Scene Intelligence, the image-based environment lighting is now faster, cleaner and more accurate.

Faster IPR

Interactive Photorealistic Rendering benefits from a redesign in the latest V-Ray, featuring faster feedback and continuous updates.

Hybrid Rendering

To gain full advantage from all available hardware, V-Ray GPU CUDA now renders on CPUs as well as GPUs.

AI Denoiser in Viewport IPR

The advanced NVIDIA AI denoiser is available for interactive rendering with V-Ray IPR in the viewport.

Incredibly Fast GPU Rendering

GPU-accelerated look development and final frame rendering gives an added speed boost.

GPU Volume Rendering

V-Ray GPU now supports extremely fast rendering of volumetric effects like fire, fog, and smoke.

Layered Alembic Support

V-Ray for Maya Now supports Alembic 1.7 and layers for masterful handling and updating of Alembic data.