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V-Ray for 3ds Max

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Scene Intelligence delivers faster, more accurate rendering, ray tracing, and cleaner sampling.  

From post-production to architecture, video games, and automotive design, V-Ray is a well-established industry-standard tool. 

Its GPU rendering capabilities give you some of the fastest rendering speeds around. V-Ray is ideal for lighting 3D interiors. Adaptive Dome Lighting uses scene intelligence to optimise the way light is sampled and removes the need for skylight portals. Also, thanks to NVIDIA’s OptiX AI-accelerated denoiser, noise can be removed from a rendered image in under a second.

Key Features

Adaptive Dome Light

Image-based environment lighting is now cleaner, more accurate, and up to 7x faster than before.

Automated Settings

New Automatic Exposure and White Balance settings make perfect renders as easy as taking a snapshot.

CPU, GPU, and Hybrid Rendering

V-Ray renders on CPUs as well as GPUs to gain full advantage of all hardware. 

GPU Volume Rendering

V-Ray GPU now supports the incredibly fast rendering of volumetric effects like fire, fog, and smoke.

NVIDIA AI Denoiser

Based on AI-accelerated denoising technology by NVIDIA, this tool instantly removes noise while rendering. 

Lighting Analysis Tools

Using new lighting analysis tools V-Ray accurately measures the light levels in your scene.

V-Ray Next Update 3.2

Support for 3ds Max 2021

Support for "Bake to Texture" in 3ds Max 2021

Modified features: V-Ray

  • Improve performance scaling with 2nd gen Epyc dual 64-core setups 128 and more threads
  • Look for the XML file with the view graph for viewport IPR relative to the vrenderNNNN.dlr file location

Modified features: VRayScene

  • Matte and Visibility control

Modified features: VRayOSL

  • Add the ability to connect an OSL triple float output to a OSL single float input

Modified features: VFB

  • Add MaxScript control for Test resolution through vfbcontrol

Modified features: .vrscene exporter

  • Update SettingsPresenZ export

Bug fixes: V-Ray

  • 3ds Max frame buffer has the same resolution as VFB regardless of the "Get resolution from Max option"
  • Any click on the Light Cache preset dropdown changes the mode
  • Crash after baking to texture in 3ds Max 2021
  • EXR metadata in the VRayOptionRE is not saved with deep images
  • Fume FX render elements are missing in V-Ray renders
  • Random crash when rendering scene with VRayFur
  • Tiled EXR textures cause specific scene to render considerably slower compared to 4.1
  • VRayRenderID by node handle is not saved correctly in deep EXR output
  • Wrong 3ds Max Render output JPEG image with Test resolution

Bug fixes: V-Ray, V-Ray GPU

  • Incorrect internal reflection in glass when glossy Fresnel is enabled

Bug fixes: V-Ray IPR

  • Deleting/updating VRayInstancer or assigned materials won't cleanup material-clones-bindings and would lead to crash

Bug fixes: V-Ray GPU/V-Ray Cloud

  • Anima AXYZ no animation when exported to vrscene
  • BerconMapping doesn't render properly when exported to Standalone
  • Different result for BerconNoise in Standalone with some combinations of Noise Function and Fractal
  • Tile UV mapping of the Bercon tile is not rendered properly
  • VRayMtlID render element renders black

Bug fixes: V-Ray GPU

  • Bucket rendering produces black output when AA Filter size drops below 1.41
  • Crash when rendering VRMesh files with more than 16 mapping channels
  • Crash with VRayLightMtl with Direct illumination enabled, applied to tySpline
  • Crash with VRayEnvironmentFog when switching from bucket to IPR between consecutive renderings
  • Rendering on GPU with NVLink spanning more than 2 cards results in a crash
  • VRayMtl is missing glossy reflections on the back side if "Reflect on back side" is enabled

Bug fixes: V-Ray Standalone

  • -skipExistingFrames breaks file output to current directory
  • -skipExistingFrames creates extra files in animation

Bug fixes: VRayEnvironmentFog

  • Artifacts with custom geometry fog gizmo in a specific scene
  • Can not render with VRayNoiseTex used as density map
  • Renders significantly slower with Scatter GI in V-Ray Next

Bug fixes: VRayFastSSS2

  • Material does not compose back to beauty properly
  • VRayLightSelect in full mode does not match beauty pass when diffuse amount is above 0

Bug fixes: VRayGLSL

  • Float to int vector casts in shaders lead to crashes
  • Incorrect matrix multiplication results
  • Missing return statements in non-void GLSL functions lead to crashes

Bug fixes: VRayMtl

  • 100% white Opacity Map affects material Reflections

Bug fixes: VRayOSL

  • Crash in material editor preview rendering after editing OSL texture from MaxScript
  • Crash with Bitmap texture vrayattached to VRayOSLTex while exporting for V-Ray GPU

Bug fixes: VRayScene

  • Compiling geometry time is increasing with each frame in animation rendering with V-Ray Standalone

Bug fixes: VRayVolumeGrid

  • Volumetric rendering slow-down with Volume Light Cache enabled with V-Ray memtracker