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With its powerful rendering capabilities, and complete control over the 3D process, V-Ray for Rhino helps you accomplish more than ever before.
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The latest version of V-Ray for Rhino has a complete and technologically advanced toolkit of lighting, shading, and rendering features. For VFX, games, product design, ArchViz and automotive, it’s an industry standard solution.

Key Features

CPU, GPU, and Hybrid Rendering

Choose between two powerful rendering engines: super-fast GPU and CPU, or use Hybrid rendering - whichever best suits your project requirements.


Denoise each render element in post-production and dramatically cut render times. Using the NVIDIA AI Denoiser, V-Ray delivers instant feedback with less noise while you design interactively.

Adaptive Dome Light

The new Adaptive Dome Light removes the need to set up Portal lights for interiors. Render cleaner and more accurate image-based lighting that’s up to 7x faster. 

Proxy Objects

Use memory-efficient proxy models to add highly detailed and complex objects like grass, trees, and cars. Also, add pre-animated 3D objects easily with animated V-Ray proxies.

Real-World Cameras

With controls for exposure, white balance, and depth of field, you can work like a photographer.

Virtual Reality

Render VR content for popular virtual reality headsets.

Chaos Cloud

Render in the Cloud in just one click.