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Introducing the next generation of rendering.

V-Ray for Modo

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With powerful rendering functionality and complete control over the 3D production process, V-Ray Next for Modo enables you to accomplish more than ever before.

V-Ray for Modo comprises a powerful feature set, technical advances, and support for open source technologies. It’s an industry standard solution for VFX, games, product design, ArchViz, and automotive.

Key Features

CPU, GPU and Hybrid Rendering

Choose between two powerful rendering engines: GPU and CPU, or use Hybrid rendering to tailor to your project needs.

Volume Rendering

Import OpenVDB files from Realflow and Houdini, and render optimised volumetric effects.

Accurate Lights

V-Ray for Modo comes complete with a wide range of light types, shapes, and controls to render accurate and artistic lighting.

V-Ray Denoiser

Cut render times by up to 50% and automatically remove noise.

Physical Materials

Use multiple layers to create node-based physical materials, and add Glossy Fresnel for accurate reflections.

Photorealistic Cameras

Work like a photographer by simulating any camera and lenses with controls for exposure, depth of field, and motion blur.

Virtual Reality

Render VR-ready content for popular virtual reality headsets.

Grass and Fur

V-Ray Fur enables realistic rendering of grass and fur faster.

Cryptomatte Render Element

V-Ray for Modo automatically creates ID mattes for easy selection in compositing.