V-Ray for Houdini

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Next-level rendering for your procedural workflows.

V-Ray for Houdini

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Built to take on your biggest scenes and most complex projects, V-Ray for Houdini connects seamlessly with Houdini and your other favorite V-Ray applications.

Powerful and fast, V-Ray for Houdini brings creative control to artists’ fingertips, allowing you to deliver renders of the highest quality.

Key Features

High-Performance Ray Tracing

Powerful CPU and GPU-accelerated rendering built for the demands of high-end production.

Interactive Rendering

Interactive look development supported in the Houdini render view.

Volume Rendering

Fast and accurate rendering of native Houdini volumes and OpenVDB caches.

Multi-GPU Production Rendering

GPU bucket rendering with fast multi-GPU performance and support for Cryptomattes.

Chaos Cloud Rendering

Simple, one-click solution to submit jobs to render on the Chaos Cloud.

Adaptive Dome Light

V-Ray Scene Intelligence gives you image-based environment lighting extremely quickly.

Global Illumination

Highly optimised indirect lighting with V-Ray's proprietary Light Cache and brute force GI methods.

Environment Fog

Quickly simulate the effects of fog, dust, and more.