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V-Ray for Cinema 4D integrates seamlessly with Maxon’s 3D modeling and animation software, providing cutting-edge tools for both CPU and GPU render.
V-Ray for Cinema 4D

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With lightning fast rendering, exceptionally accurate ray tracing, and photorealistic shader tools, V-Ray for Cinema 4D gives artists the power to bring their wildest 3D creations to life. Achieve a new level of realism with multi-layered BRDFs materials. And take advantage of V-Ray’s global illumination engines to bring your 3D scenes to life.

V-Ray for Cinema 4D key features

Fast CPU and GPU rendering

Achieve incredible speeds with fully optimised CPU and GPU rendering. V-Ray’s extensive toolset for GPU is ideal for preview and look development pipelines. 

Automatic sampling

Featuring variance-based adaptive ray tracing scenes can be rendered even faster, removing the need to adjust settings.

Global illumination (GI)

V-Ray’s global illumination engines boast pinpoint accurate ray tracing for direct and reflected lights. Choose from precise, approximate, or hybrid path tracing.

Physical layered BRDF

Create physically accurate materials with real-world and multi layered BDRFs

Physical cameras

Real-world camera effects including motion blur, depth of field, and a full 360 camera can be achieved using V-Ray’s real-world camera system. 

Unlimited UV maps

V-Ray introduces UV channels in Cinema 4D. Unlimited UVs can be applied to shaders giving artists a new level of UV mapping control.

Faster volume rendering

Effects including fog, clouds, and smoke render even faster with V-Ray volumetric rendering

Maxon Hair

Maxon Hair is fully integrated into V-Ray’s hair procedurals for a faster integrated workflow.

Clipper and Booleans

Geometry and proxies can be cut using the real-time clipper. Custom geometry can be used for Booleans.