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V-Ray for Cinema 4D integrates seamlessly with Maxon’s 3D modelling and animation software, providing cutting-edge tools for both CPU and GPU render.
V-Ray for Cinema 4D

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Delivering lightning-fast rendering, V-Ray for Cinema 4D also boasts exceptionally accurate ray tracing and photo-realistic shader tools. With multi-layered BRDFs materials and V-Ray’s global illumination engines, artists can achieve a new level of realism and with it the power to bring their wildest 3D creations to life. 

V-Ray for Cinema 4D key features

GPU and CPU Rendering

Optimised CPU rendering provides better speeds, or use incredibly fast GPU rendering for previews and final-frame renders. Create high-quality, physically accurate images and animation.

Automatic Sampling

Automated sampling with variance-based adaptive ray tracing allows you to dramatically improve your workflow and eliminates the need for fine-tuning complex settings. Get instant feedback via V-Ray’s progressive rendering tools.

Accurate Lighting and Global Illumination

V-Ray uses physically accurate ray tracing to precisely calculate lights, real-world reflections, and global illumination. Choose from precise path tracing, approximate path tracing, or use a hybrid of both.

Physical Layered BRDF

Create physically accurate materials with V-Ray's multi-layered BRDFs.

Physical Cameras

Artists work like photographers to achieve realistic depth-of-field and cinematic motion blur with V-Ray’s real-world camera system. And with the VR 360 stereo camera, you can output straight to virtual reality deliverables.

New UV Manager and Triplanar Mapping

Use unlimited UVs per shader for complete UV-mapping control with the new UV manager. For texturing without UVs, Triplanar mapping can be used.

Powerful Proxy Objects and Instancing

V-Ray Proxy objects replace complex scene geometry and load only at render time. And for added realism you can add random material variations to V-Ray Proxy objects and render instances.

New Sky Models and Faster Volume Rendering

Create realistically lit scenes with a choice of sky models. Volumetric environment fog now renders even faster to help you quickly generate clouds, volume lights, and more.

Maxon Hair, Fur, and Grass Support

Get physically accurate hair shading with V-Ray's Hair BRDF. V-Ray for Cinema 4D supports Maxon Hair via V-Ray’s hair procedurals, as well as V-RayFur.

Real-Time Clipper and Render-Time Booleans

Real-time Clipper allows you to cut geometry - even proxies - multiple times and has the option to use custom geometry for Booleans. 

V-Ray Distributed Rendering

Use the power of multiple machines working together to render images even faster with V-Ray’s Distributed Rendering.