V-Ray Education Collection

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Introducing Chaos Group’s V-Ray Education Collection – the ultimate toolset for teaching and learning 3D rendering and fluid dynamics. 

V-Ray Education Collection

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With just one license for multiple products you can master skills across platforms without worrying about monitoring several license expirations. It's also better value; the multi-product collection at a greatly discounted price.

With the Collection you'll have access to a wide range of industry-standard products, including:

  • V-Ray for Maya
  • V-Ray for 3ds Max
  • V-Ray for Houdini
  • V-Ray for Cinema 4D
  • V-Ray for Sketch Up
  • V-Ray for Rhino 
  • V-Ray for Unreal
  • V-Ray for Revit
  • V-Ray for Modo
  • Phoenix for 3ds Max
  • Phoenix for Maya

With just one license it's easy to switch between products, so there are no limits to exploring multiple host platforms. It also gives you freedom and flexibility: no waiting for budget and purchasing windows in order to add new products to the curriculum, or introduce a new class. The tools are available out of the box.

Free Upgrades

License holders for the V-Ray Education Collection will receive FREE upgrades for all those products included in the collection for the validity period of their license. All licenses will be automatically upgraded to the newest version; customers will be able to download the new builds from Chaos Group’s website.

Upgrades to Collection 

Existing university customers can request to have their individual licenses upgraded to V-Ray Education Collection for an additional cost.

Backward Compatibility

V-Ray Education Collection license holders will get access to the latest version available for each of the products included in the package, but can choose to use V-Ray Next or V-Ray 3, and Phoenix FD 4 or Phoenix FD 3. The simulation node and render node included in the collection can be used with both versions.

(Note: This does not apply to new products such as V-Ray for Unreal, V-Ray for Houdini and V-Ray for Cinema 4D.)

Trial Information

Even if they have downloaded trials for previous versions, users can try the latest version of any of the products available within the collection free for 30 days. Trial rights are reset with every major version. An Evaluation of the V-Ray Education Collection is also available to universities upon request. 


The V-Ray Education Collection will be available as a one-year term Workstation license for students and educators and a one, two or three-year term Workstation license for universities. Each license will include 1 Universal V-Ray GUI, 1 Universal Phoenix FD GUI, 1 Universal V-Ray Render Node, and 1 Universal Phoenix FD Simulation Node, allowing users to run V-Ray and Phoenix FD on multiple host platforms. 

(Note: The V-Ray Education Collection licenses will be delivered through Chaos Group’s Online Licensing Server only; there will be no dongle support.)

Resources and Support 

The collection includes extensive product-specific learning resources, like the Official Courseware, and other online learning tools. It also comes with free commercial-level support for all products within the collection.