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V-Ray for Unreal | Chaos Group

A high-end CPU, GPU, and hybrid renderer with ray tracing and real-time capabilities.
V-Ray for Unreal

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Bring V-Ray scenes from 3ds Max, Maya, SketchUp, and Rhino directly into the Unreal Editor. For the first time, you can render ray traced, photorealistic images with V-Ray directly from Unreal.

Key Features

V-Ray Scene Import

You don't need any game engine expertise to import V-Ray scenes into the Unreal Engine from 3ds Max, Maya, and Sketchup.

Smart Materials and Light Translation

V-Ray for Unreal automatically converts materials and lights into a real-time equivalent for scenes imported into the Unreal Editor. The original materials stay connected to their real-time versions, and are called up when the scene is ready for rendering.

Unreal Foliage Support

V-Ray for Unreal is ideal for rendering large landscapes and environments by utilising the engine’s native foliage system.

True Photorealistic Rendering From Unreal

Achieve photorealistic quality when rendering with V-Ray for Unreal by utilising the combined power of CPUs and GPUs.

V-Ray Light Baking

V-Ray lighting can be baked in for high-end real-time illumination.

Virtual Reality

It's now easier for studios to create photorealistic VR experiences with Unreal’s VR toolset.

Render on Any Hardware 

V-Ray for Unreal can be deployed across a variety of computer graphics pipelines, supporting GPU, CPU, and hybrid rendering.

Distributed Rendering

Split rendering and light baking tasks over several machines to increase pipeline efficiency.

Render Animation 

With V-Ray, ray trace animated cinematics created in the Unreal sequence editor.

Global Illumination

V-Ray’s Brute Force and Light Cache global illumination tools allow realistic bounced light to be rendered.

V-Ray Proxy Support

Load high-resolution objects at render time without affecting performance with memory efficient V-Ray proxy objects.