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Keep projects on track and teams connected with ShotGrid


ShotGrid, formerly Shotgun Software, streamlines workflows for creative studios.

  • Bring creative visions to life and deliver on time, and budget with powerful project tracking tools
  • Boost collaboration with media playback and review tools
  • Run productions your way with customisable workflows, application integrations and an open ecosystem


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Supercharge your studio with ShotGrid’s powerful production tools

  • Track every step of your project including shots and assets as they move through the pipeline
  • Remove business guesswork with reporting tools
  • Easily scale creative projects in size and complexity
  • Maximise resources with superior project planning and scheduling capabilities



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Collaborate more effectively with ShotGrid and RV

  • Receive updates with automatically tracked versions and note history
  • Give effective feedback and easily collaborate with in-context notes and annotations
  • Bring context directly where needed with integrations in Maya, 3ds Max, Photoshop and more




Software that connects studios, teams and creative workflows 

Trusted by thousands of creatives worldwide, ShotGrid (formerly Shotgun Software) is a central hub that unifies production management and the creative process-enabling studios to work more efficiently. 


Production management 

Real-time project tracking: See every step of your production so you can track shots and assets as they move through the pipeline in real time.

Scheduling and resource planning: Allocate your crew’s time to projects and milestones and always know who is working on what and when tasks are scheduled.

Production insights: Visualise key production data, keep an eye on the progress of projects and make business-critical decisions quickly.


Collaborate and review

In-context review: Bring the rich history of production information with previous notes, versions, statuses and more to inform your decisions during review.

Anywhere media playback: View media and provide feedback wherever with high-quality web playback, full resolution, colour-accurate desktop and mobile playback.

Editorial integration: Review in the context of the final product and instantly pull up any cut to help inform your creative decisions.

View high-res media: View high-resolution and colour-accurate media in RV. Browse media, compare, annotate and give feedback in a cloud-connected desktop experience.

Organised media reviews: Search, browse and view media across all projects from one place. Create playlists and take effective notes during a review.

Easy review for clients  Clients can review, annotate and add comments on a simple and secure website from anywhere in the world.


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Pipeline and integrations

Plug-and-play integrations: Experience integrated industry-standard design content creation tools for a tailor-made pipeline, including Maya, 3ds Max and Photoshop.

Work directly in creative apps: Access ShotGrid’s production management, review and approval tools directly within your creative applications.

File tracking and sharing: Easily track, share and publish files in ShotGrid from any content creation tool.

Robust, customisable API: Build customised tools and integrations with Pipeline Toolkit and our Python API and REST API.

ShotGrid Desktop: Get an overview of your ShotGrid projects, easily launch your creative applications and set up integration tools from your desktop.

Automated file management : Quickly find and load files published to ShotGrid and easily access the media you are looking for and all associated versions.



Isolation feature set: Have full control of media isolation, expanded media replication, seclusion for web and media traffic control, and improved IP management.

3rd party audits: Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) performs quarterly audits of the ShotGrid web application, the iPhone app and infrastructure.

Security features: Use features including single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication and IP whitelisting to help you bolster the security of your studio.



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