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Autodesk Maya brings worlds to life. Whether you work in film, games, or architectural visualisation, likely forms a major part of what you do.

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Get access to industry leading tools for animation, modelling, VFX, and lighting with Maya 2019. The latest version brings significant updates to core components and introduces new features for a smoother, more robust workflow. 

Maya 2019 Key Features


Use Maya’s legendary toolset to model hard surfaces, skin, fur, and everything in between. Whether you’re creating buildings or monsters, your Maya installation is the centre of your world.


Breathe life into creatures using Maya’s intuitive animation toolkit. Import models from third party programs, or work with native files for rigging and a complete animation life cycle. 


Bring your 3D scenes to life with Maya’s extensive illumination tools and create photorealistic scenes.


Maya 2019 comes with Arnold built in. One of the most popular ray tracers of the moment, Arnold offers cinematic, photoreal renders with exception ease. 

New features in Maya 2019

Cached Playback

Reviewing animations is now even easier with Cached Playback. Animations are cached in the background and can be previewed and edited in a 3D environment, reducing the need for playblasts.

Viewport 2.0

Arnold standard shaders, illuminations, and reflectors can now be seen in the viewport giving artists a better representation of the final render.

Rigging and animation

New filters have been implemented to refine motion capture data. Artists can benefit from sample rigged and animated characters provided by