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Twitter Post Maya 2022 tweaked

Autodesk Maya 2025 is Here

New capabilities and functionalities in Maya improve artists’ creativity and collaboration, containing both continuous improvements to its core modeling, rigging, animation, and simulation tools, as well as newer tools, like LookdevX, an agnostic material editor integrated with USD.

Outcomes this update helps you achieve

Boost Creativity and Enhance Productivity

The new Smart Extrude tool and improvements to Bevel tools make modeling zero-friction, avoiding geometry cleanup even when working on complex forms. Motion Trail tools have been consolidated into the Motion Trail Editor for a smoother experience, and the Dope Sheet Editor has been overhauled for more intuitive controls, a cleaner interface and customizable tools.

Work Faster

Using the new Deformation Widget in the Attribute Editor makes it easy to demonstrate deformers and topology modifiers, allowing you to iterate more quickly. Rigging tools have been improved, including Joint Label text size, a new Matrix-based node and new Joint Orient options for fast and reliable rigging.

Enhance Your Simulations

Bifrost upgrades make BOSS available in the Bifrost graph, allowing you to creat spectral and dynamic waves. Liquid Meshing makes liquid simulation faster than ever, with the meshing algorithm for Bifrost liquids now available in a redesigned compound. 

New Capabilities

LookdevX Enhancements

Enhanced support for MaterialX data format allows artists to assign materials directly to Maya geometry and work across multiple DCC tools with standardized materials.

USD Improvements 

New improvements such as bulk loading and unloadingmultiple prims simultaneously and stability fixes improve collaboration with Maya USD.

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