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Driving creative excellence with modern tools in 3ds Max

3ds Max brings improvements to its modeling, color management and rendering tools so you can focus on being creative. Improvements to Retopology, OCIO Color Management, updated Arnold plug-ins and interface updatesallow artists to create quickly and efficiently.



The new Retopology introduces preprocessing and OpenVDB remeshing as standalone processes alongside improvements to processing time when using Autodesk ReForm, resulting in faster production of clean meshes..

Conform Modifier

Conform or wrap Spline or Geometric meshes on the surface of one or more target meshes.

Boolean Modifier

Increase your productivity with 35% faster processing of mesh-based Boolean operations as well as enhancements to VDB Meshing and increased support for Normals, Smoothing Groups, and improved Coplanar support.

Rigging and Animation

Motion Command Panel

The latest updates to the Assign Controller bring improved performance and new UI enhancements, making it easier to animate than ever before.

Transform List Controller 

New options for ”Append” and “Assign” make it easier to add a new entry and adjust the assigned controller, giving you greater control over your animations.


Artists can now easily place and activate a Grid Helper in their 3ds Max scene using the Working Snap Pivot's "Create Grid from Working Pivot" command. This Grid Helper will align to the current position and orientation of the placed Working Pivot enabling artists to augment their scene more intuitively.

Color Management

Implement a modern colour pipeline with ease - OCIO is now the default mode for colour management in new scenes with updates to tools like VertexPaint, Data Channel Modifiers, and more.


USD Improvements

The updated USD plug-in allows artists to import animations including animated light and camera as well as blendShape, making it simple to work across different DCC tools.

Productivity updates

Global Search

Global Search now saves users more time by providing them with a more thorough list of tools, functions, commands and settings.

Menu Editor

New Menu Editor allows users to customize 3ds Max menus and quad menus, meaning that no matter how you work, you can customize your workspace to suit you.

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