Allegorithmic’s 3D painting software, Substance Painter, allows artists to texture, render and share their work.


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Photoshop brushes are now natively supported in Substance Painter

Time to dust off your ABR brush libraries and load them up in the shelf!

New possibilities with expanded brush settings 

To allow you to make the most of the ABR brush, the Substance team developed their brush engine even further. These expanded settings will increase with time; this first iteration has a large batch of settings such as Minimum Size, Minimum Flow, Roundness, and more.

Even though not every ABR format  is supported the missing pieces are being added over time, making the brush engine more versatile with each new release.

Introducing a new opacity blending mode

Better opacity accumulation when you’re hand-painting an asset. 

With the new opacity blending setting, choose between the legacy opacity blending and a new Max blending mode. This means you can easily mimic what you would expect from painting in Photoshop.

A leap forward for tablet users

Your painting experience is, in general, much better. One of the improvements concerns smoother strokes: when working with a pen or stylus, the pressure sensitivity has a smoother curve.

Improved brush preview 

Sometimes the alpha of a brush was in the way when trying to paint intricate details or precise strokes. You can now opt for a light brush preview, clearing the view at the center of the stamp. 

What If You Didn’t Need to Worry About UVs? 

The team has been wanting to simplify UV unwrapping for a while. It’s tedious, adds no artistic value to the asset, and it can take what seems like forever. And now a new UV unwrapping tool - one that's been under development since 2016 - is now included in Substance Painter. 

Enter Automatic UV Unwrapping, available in beta in this new update. This tool automatically seams, unwraps and packs UVs for you if you import a 3D model that has no UV coordinates. 

Smooth curves with the new Paint Roller stroke

A long-requested feature was the ability to have an alpha, pattern or material follow smoothly along curves and strokes. The Paint Roller is here to answer your needs for stitches, trims, folds, pipes and all other sorts of curvy apparatus.

Transform any photo into an oil painting

The MatFx Oil Painting filter allows you to apply various classic painting styles to your textures. From paint buildup to brush strokes, with cracks in the dried oil paint.  

UX improvements: slider consistency

Sliders in Substance Painter now support the full range of features you’ve come to enjoy in Substance Designer, such as custom stepping, improved precision and soft range.