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Work on a bigger canvas.With new HTML5 Canvas support in Flash Professional CC, you can create modern web content in a familiar authoring environment.
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Flash Professional in action
Variable-width strokes and custom brushes

Animated artistry.
Draw variable-width strokes right inside Flash Professional, and even add shape tweens for an easy way to create animations. Plus, customize brushes for the perfect shape, angle, and flatness — then sync them for use on multiple computers.

SVG export
From small frame to big picture.
Create posters and other large-size promotional materials from any frame in your Flash project by exporting it as an SVG file.

Motion Editor
A giant leap in animation control.
The updated Motion Editor makes complex animations easy by giving you granular control over motion tween properties.

Expanded WebGL support
No Flash Player? Play on.
Export fully interactive animations with scripting and audio to WebGL. They’ll run in any browser — no need for Flash Player — and they’ll run faster on GPU-accelerated hardware.


Expanded WebGL support
Publish fully interactive animations — with scripting and audio — to the WebGL format. They can run in modern browsers without Flash Player and take advantage of GPU-accelerated hardware.
Custom brushes
Create your own brushes to get the ideal shape, angle, and flatness. Save them to use again, and access them across multiple computers thanks to Sync Settings in Creative Cloud.
SWF import
Back by popular demand: the ability to import SWFs into your projects as assets.
Animation guides
Control the scale transformation of an animated object to better customize its motion, and transform its color along the path of a motion guide.
Custom platform support
Thanks to a new SDK, developers can extend Flash Professional to add support for more formats.
And so much more

Also includes: Usability enhancements; the ability to publish Adobe AIR apps with a shared runtime; and the ability to publish apps for Intel x86–based Android devices.
SVG export
Export any frame in your Flash project as an SVG file that can be scaled up and used in posters and other promotional materials.

Variable-width strokes
Draw strokes with widths that can be adjusted at any point. Create and save profiles for any stroke, or use variable-width presets.

Tweening for variable-width strokes
Add a shape tween to a variable-width stroke to create an animation as the stroke changes.

New Motion Editor
Back by popular demand, the updated Motion Editor gives you precise control over motion tween properties like color effects and transformations.

WebGL for animation
Publish animations to the WebGL format so they can run in modern browsers without needing Flash Player — and they can take advantage of GPU hardware acceleration.

Object-level undo

It’s back. Object-level undo lets you undo an action on one object without having to undo actions on other objects you changed more recently.

Projector support
Publish videos as Flash projector (.exe) files so they’re viewable even on systems that don’t have Flash Player installed.

HTML5 extension support

Flash Professional now supports HTML5-based panels, so developers can extend the app’s capabilities with new features and content.

And so much more
Also included: Adobe Kuler panel, creating HTML5 extensions; and more.