Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pixar Release RenderMan Pro Studio 18.0!

Today our friends at Pixar announced the release of RenderMan Studio 18! With new and more productive workflows, the power of Pixar’s Renderman is accessible to visual effects creators everywhere! 

Combining an intuitive suite of creation & design tools with RenderMan Pro Server 18, the newly RenderMan Studio 18 is perfect for creating high quality 3D animations & visual effects.

RenderMan Studio 18 comes powered by RenderMan’s state of the art path tracer & has a number of new features including –

  • New controls for lighting
  • New geometric area lights
  • Accelerated re-rendering capabilities
  • An extended shader library
  • Advanced subsurface scattering
  • Support for per-light AOVs
  • In addition to all of these new features the Pixar image tool “it” has been completely re-written for improved performance and usability when shading and lighting.

Want to know more about RenderMan Studio 18 or any of the RenderMan products? Get in touch with the team & we’ll give you the low down!

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The IBC Aftermath!

Last week we sent some of the Escape Technology team over to IBC 2013 to exhibit for the first time, and we are pleased to be able to say it was a huge success!

Friday, 13 September 2013

The Foundry announce the release of NUKE 8.0!

Today The Foundry announced the release of NUKE 8.0 will be coming later this year. And from the looks of it, NUKE 8.0 is more intuitive, faster, more powerful and open than ever!

More features and improvements in NUKE 8.0 also includes-

  • A new import function
  • Artist friendly colour controls
  • Enhanced viewer rendering results
  • Intelligent in-application help
  • Advanced 3D Controls
  • Advancing Deep Compositing
  • Speed & Performance Enhancements

And it’s not just NUKE that’s been given a revamp. NUKEX 8.0 will include these exclusive features-

  • A completely remodelled Camera Tracker and brand new Camera Calibrator
  • An updated Model Builder
  • New Apply Material Filter options.

If you want to know more about NUKE, NUKEX or any of The Foundry’s products get in touch with our team who can give you the complete lowdown.
And keep your eyes peeled NUKE & NUKE 8.0 coming out later on in 2013!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Tweak Software release RV 4.0!

Tweak Software have now announced the release of RV 4.0. 

RV 4.0 combines established industry leading features for playback, review, and collaboration with a new generation of features to enable artists, production teams, and studios to review film resolution digital imagery accurately, in context, and integrated seamlessly with modern workflows and far-flung production models.
What’s new in RV 4.0 - 

  • New Color Management and Color Pipeline Tools
  • Editorial Features
  • User Interface Improvements
  • Image Format, Quicktime, and Rendering Advancements
  • User-Programmable Image Processing on the GPU

Find out more here!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

V-Ray for 3ds Max 3.0 Beta Testing Now Open!

The Chaos Group have officially announced V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max Beta program is now available to V-Ray for 3ds Max users!

And if you currently have a V-Ray for 3ds Max licence you can apply for Beta testing now, just use your Chaos Group login details!. As part of the Beta community get a preview of upcoming features and enhancements in V-Ray 3.0, and you will have a unique opportunity to provide critical feedback, helping create the best version of V-Ray yet.

New features of V-Ray 3.0 include –

  • Progressive Rendering
  • Probabilistic Light Sampling
  • Integrated Embree
  • VRayClipper Object
  • Lens Effects in V-Ray VFB
  • VRayMetaballs Object

If you want to know more about V-Ray 3ds Max or any of the other Chaos Group products get in touch with the team!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Create Without Boundaries

From small agencies to large broadcasters, creative professionals need faster, more intuitive workflows that help them deliver high-quality productions using the broadest set of Adobe’s software solutions.