ZED: Halfway there

Friday, 03 October 2014

HP’s ZED pop up studio has been in town for a week, and what a week it’s been!

From software presentations to speed sculpting, we’ve seen it all.

ZED: Halfway there

Monday kicked off with Chaos Group giving us the latest about V-Ray technology. Simeon Balabanov told the gathered masses about how V-Ray can enhance artists’ workflows. Built on V-Ray’s latest 3.0 core rendering technology, the integration with The Foundry's tools streamlines the workflow for studios with pipelines built around V-Ray, NUKE, MODO, and KATANA.

And it only got better from there. Tuesday saw MPC’s Damien Fagnou talking about the challenges of pre-viz in VFX. And he shared some of the work in MPC’s new NVIDIA-based VFX pre-viz pipeline.

Studios seem to be rather popular this year. On Wednesday evening the chaps from Jellyfish popped by to reveal the secrets behind setting up a second studio and cloud based GPU based rendering (watch this space!). Having just opened up facility two in Brixton they had plenty of stories to tell. And it ties in very nicely with Will Cohen’s talk next week on how to set up a VFX studio. It’s almost like it was planned!

Thursday was a busy one. Four events from four great studios and partners. From Framestore telling all about how they use Shotgun to Autodesk detailing Flame’s newest extension there was a lot going on. We couldn’t possibly tell you everything – if you missed out then you’ll just have to make sure you sign up to ZED events quickly!

Finally, the week finishes up on a high note with The Operators tonight. The eclectic, multi-disciplinary creative agency will be going off on one about the vital need for adaptability in the industry. It’s so important that they’ve called the session Adapt or Die! So make sure you’re clued up and pop along. 

Next week is also packed with a full schedule of FREE events to attend, make sure you sign up fast to secure your places!