ZBrush 2021.7 Out Now

Thursday, 26 August 2021

Pixologic ZBrush 2021.7 out now!



ZBrush 2021.7 contains even more new features and improvements designed to add power and flexibility to your creative experience. ZBrush 2021.7 is a free upgrade for all registered users of ZBrush.


Slice & Dice It

The Knife brushes enable artists to cut through any surface with a precise line that not only removes geometry but closes the surface with geometry that is ready to sculpt. These brushes will also work symmetrically in realtime to provide an artist with an expanded freedom to design. Additionally, they are perfect for precise surface design, 3D printing preparation or establishing a flat surface across any type of topology.


Stage It

With the powerful Stager feature, ZBrush can store two transformations of your mesh, which you can switch between them as needed. This allows artists the flexibility to store one position for sculpting and painting, and another position for presentation. Stager can be used even when mesh geometry has dramatically changed through the use of features like subdivision levels, IMM brushes, SculptrisPro.


Bevel It

Sculpt flat and rounded bevels along an edge in real-time with the new BevelFlat and BevelArc Brushes. The brushes work with the Backtrack feature and DrawSize to determine the width and the appearance of the bevel.


Interpolate It

With the new Stroke Interpolation feature, you can draw any two brush strokes on your mesh and ZBrush will then interpolate across the surface between the two, creating a desired number of transitional strokes. Use this feature with sculpting, painting and masking to create striking patterns as one stroke transforms over your specified number of transitions!


Mirror It

The Mirror feature allows you to copy PolyPaint and masking from one side of a posed mesh to the other side, seamlessly. Even if the mesh itself is no longer posed symmetrically, you can mirror the PolyPaint from one hand, one side of the face, or one big toe to the other. Masking can also be used to determine which areas of paint are mirrored, and which side will serve as the source paint.


Adjust It

AdjustLast lets artists tweak their last action, rather than needing to undo your last stroke and try, try again. Use the AdjustLast slider to reduce or increase the intensity of a sculpting, painting or masking action. It can even be used to adjust an entire series of strokes from any marked point on the Undo History.


Other Additions:

  • Palettes can now be scrolled up and down with the mouse wheel.
  • Mask by Changed Points will allow the last stroke to be converted to a mask. This can also be used with Undo History to apply a mask to all strokes made after the marked undo point.
  • PolyGroup by Changed Points will allow the last stroke to be converted to a PolyGroup. This can also be used with Undo History to apply a PolyGroup to all strokes made after the marked undo point.
  • BoostMask and DiluteMask features provide further options for refining the shape and intensity of an existing mask.
  • The Regroup Visible option assigns new PolyGroup IDs to the existing PolyGroups in your visible mesh.


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