ZBrush 2018 Released

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Pixologic has released the next generation of its industry leading 3D sculpting tool, ZBrush. 

The latest version, ZBrush 2018, features a number of core upgrades that include new polygon deformers, Sculptris Pro Mode, and PolyGroupIt. 


ZBrush 2018 Released

New features for ZBrush 2018 include:

Sculptris Pro

Designed with creatives in mind, Sculptris Pro enables users to give form to their ideas without having to worry about about polygon distribution. It’s a dynamic tessellation system that dynamically adds and removes polygons during brush strokes in real time.

Artists who import their models into ZBrush 2018  will no longer have to retopologize their model or switch to DynaMesh first. Sculptris Pro is also ideal for refining models after using Live Boolean as if focusses on variation in polygon density and triangulation. Additionally, artists using 3D printers can edit models that have already been optimised.

More deformers added

Zbrush 2018 comes with 27 deformers, all of which have unique features that enable users to change the shape of their models with ease. And the new Project Primitive deformer gives artists the ability to use multiple primitives to cut into the surface of a mesh, reshape it, or build it up from another mesh.


PolyGroupIt accurately evaluates the surface of a model in real time and generates intelligent groupings at the click of a button. Polygroups can be created symmetrically, and PolyGroupIt will give users the ability to add, copy, paste, grow, shrink, and delete their poly groups. 

Other additions to Zbrush 2018

  • Curve Mode now comes with elastic and liquid options.
  • Gizmo 3D now allows for equidistant mesh duplication.
  • Zbrush will now remember draw size and dynamic mode for brush options.
  • Users can PolyGroup by normals.
  • 3D Print Hub features increased output size.
  • Sculptris Pro includes snake hook brushes.
  • Users now have the option to save startup default material.
  • Tessimate can also be used as a stand-alone feature, outside of Sculptris Pro.
  • QuickSaves can be saved to any hard drive.

To learn more about ZBrush 2018 contact Graeme Pitt.