Zaha Hadid: Britannia and the Brits

Friday, 24 February 2017

As the leading event in the British music industry’s calendar, the Brit Awards is home to some of the biggest artists current today.

Zaha Hadid: Britannia and the Brits

Every year a leading designer is given the challenge of creating a new statuette for the awards themselves. Although the grand reveal happened last year, it was wonderful to finally see Zaha Hadid’s work as she continues to inspire people with her powerful creations.

It was great to see our friends at Zaha Architecture carry on the tradition of exceptional design at Britain’s most revered music awards. The British-Iraqi architect started work on the project three months before she sadly died in March last year. She created five concept statues, all representing a curved adaptation of Britannia - the female personification of Britain.

zaha statuettes

Dame Zaha died aged 65 and a statement from her studio said: "Zaha had an initial meeting with her team and gave them very clear instructions on her concept. Her concept was fully respected and carried out in the final product but unfortunately she didn't see the final design."

The architect – whose studio is currently making headlines with her innovative and abstract designs – is known for pushing the boundaries by creating work that ceases to amaze. I have found her work expressive but more so assertive and the immense attention arguably makes her one of the most famous architects of her time.

We couldn’t be more proud here at Escape Technology. We look forward to working with Zaha Architecture in the future and seeing what more incredible designs they have brewing.