Lee Danskin: Working and Rendering Beyond the Desktop

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Lee Danskin: Working and Rendering Beyond the Desktop

When it comes to choosing your next workstation, the options seem more plentiful than ever. And in some cases, options can even forgo the physical element entirely - enter remote rendering, the method that might just remove the need for replacing the tower already on your desk.

Remote rendering is the option of choice for many teams in visualisation. Furthermore, as it continues to become more widely adopted, the reduced expense involved in moving to remote rendering has turned it into an increasingly viable option for teams of practically any size. However, every team works differently and the question persists: is remote rendering the option for you?

Luckily, we can help you find the answer in our latest collaboration with AEC Magazine. Our CTO, Lee Danskin, has written a detailed breakdown on the subject for AEC's latest Winter Workstation Report, a guide that covers everything you need to know about the current workstation landscape. In his article, Lee assesses the industry needs that have led to the rise of remote rendering, before defining the real advantages of remote based workflows and helping you to determine if it's the option your team is looking for.

If a copy of AEC doesn't land on your desk you can read the magazine in full digitally here.