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We're In

We’ve now moved into our new offices on Clipstone Street in what has been our third move since 2012. It’s been motivated primarily because of the expansion of our teams. Like many small businesses the option of doing nothing is not an option! 

Seeing the continued growth of VFX, businesses adding or refreshing kit, and our work in the architectural, education, and games markets, we’ve grown organically into nearly 30 staff.

Engineering is now the largest department in Escape Technology, which is testament to the wonderful work they’ve been doing these past few years. We continue to provide support contracts to large and small clients alike, growing alongside them as we help to build and support their pipelines. Our engineers have come from industry and this affords us many years of experience to help our customers.

Once we’ve had our building work completed we would be delighted for you to join us for a welcome drink. We’ll announce the date soon, but likely to be late March or early April.

And we would like to thank all of – our customers and suppliers – for your support during our growth and look forward to continuing to work with you!