VRTGO: Annual VR Expo in Newcastle

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Next month we’re joining forces with NVIDIA to attend VRTGO - an annual conference and expo that explores the future of VR for both entertainment and serious applications. Held at the stunning Baltic Art Gallery, overlooking the Quayside in Newcastle Gateshead, it will be attended by 270 VR enthusiasts, developers and serious VR and AR development studios/companies.

VRTGO: Annual VR Expo in Newcastle

Together with NVIDIA we’ll be showcasing the technology that powers an enhanced VR pipeline. NVIDIA are doing significant research and development in VR and we’ll be showing just some of the solutions they have on the market currently. Such as, NVIDIA’s Quadro P6000 - a monster with VR J, 80% better VR performance than the Quadro M6000 and two times the memory of the new Titan X. Now you can look forward to the processing power needed to achieve higher frame rates, simulating true presence.

This will be the first UK showing of NVIDIA’s flagship Quadro P6000. So if you’re at the event - make sure to drop by our exhibition stand for a live demo.

Our CTO, Lee Danskin, is also presenting a session titled - What makes a VR Production Pipeline? Delving into emerging technology that enables interactive parallax in pre-rendered 360° videos, Lee will showcase some of the new technologies that are set to tackle the issue of cyber sickness, achieving higher frame rates and the ability to simulate “true presence”. And most importantly the processing power required to achieve this.

If you’re attending VRTGO, we look forward to seeing you there.