V-Ray 5 Beta

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V-Ray 5 Beta

Much to everyone’s relief the next version of Chaos Group’s V-Ray is V-Ray 5... and not V-Ray Next Next!

Here at Escape Technology we were sad to miss one of the best events of the year – Total Chaos. Cancelled much like the rest of our lives, at least we can get our hands on the latest release of V-Ray early.

Vlado and the team have been working hard to overhaul the renderer and bring some updated features such as VFB2, LightMix, ACES and a whole load more.

Ever since the announcement of Chaos Group and Render Legion joining forces we’ve been awaiting the arrival of LightMix for V-Ray, and now it’s here and available for testing. Documented on Chaos Group's website, it will allow users to switch between lighting set-ups and turn lights off and on without the need to re-render.

For the V-Ray Frame Buffer to work with LightMix it’s also been updated to VFB2. It includes features like Layers, which allows more control between lights, lens effects, and layers in your composition.

An extensive library of materials also ships with V-Ray 5 and they’ve got some clever tricks for tiling as well as general improvements to materials.

ACES gets further implemented too – this was started in V-Ray Next and is covered more in a shared Google doc.

You can apply for a copy of the beta directly or download from your account.

Read the documentation for V-Ray 5 beta.

Visit the V-Ray 5 beta forum.

iToo Forest Pack already have a version out for the V-Ray 5 beta, you can find links to download their update on the Chaos Group forum.