Time To Upgrade Your Flame Hardware

Friday, 17 April 2020

Autodesk has shipped Flame 2021 with some great new features, but there may be a significant impact on your hardware choices.

Time To Upgrade Your Flame Hardware

Flame 2021 has some incredible new tools for artists: machine-learning driven facial segmentation, GPU accelerated DOF, and enhancements to the finishing toolset. Along with Flame’s core features these new additions and updates make for a more powerful platform that we’ve seen before. However, it does come with a hefty hardware overhead.

Some of the new features in Flame 2021 won’t run on older workstations. If you’re using HP’s Z series then it might be time to upgrade to the latest ranges. 

“With Flame 2021, AI is increasing  the utilisation of NVIDIA RTX GPUs, giving us extra functionality. As machine learning is now being thrown at numerous graphics problems, watch for more of this type of workflow in the future,” says Lee Danskin, CTO at Escape Technology.

“Dolby HDR support is also another headline benefit that’s forcing more work on the GPU’s capabilities. Be aware that with this release we’re also seeing the end of the NVIDIA K6000 and Kona 3 AJA card for Flame support. So even if you’re running a Z840 it’s important to check that you don’t have this equipment when running the latest version of Flame.”

Z820s and earlier models are now incompatible with the latest version of Autodesk’s finishing tool, and there’s a good chance that next year will see the same limitations on Z840s. However, there’s some good news in the shape of the Z8

HP’s latest workstation offering provides a remarkable upgrade in internal space and configuration possibilities. Capable of delivering a 52TB framestore, and with capacity for 3TB RAM and up to three GPUs the Z8 is a Flame artist’s dream machine. 

At Escape Technology we know that the cost of hardware is one of the highest capital expenses you’re likely to have, so there are financing or rental options available to alleviate the burden. Step Leases are also available from HPFS, reducing interest payments to just 1% until 2021. 

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