Time to grow

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Escape Technology catches up with its newest technical guru: Tim Harcourt.

Tim is Escape’s newest new recruit. “Newest new” because we’ve just recruited two techies to join our burgeoning team. 

Joining us from a background in electronics and computing, Tim is a savvy engineer. Having arrived onto the scene at the tail end of the video era he not only knows everything there is to know about modern technology and systems, but he can still clean and calibrate a D1 deck blindfolded (ha!).

Time to grow

“Getting into VFX was the fault of one guy: Chris Jackson. He was my second year student “buddy” at university. I was going to hook up with the drama society, but he convinced me to join the student TV station. The rest is history,” he says of how his interest in VFX was piqued.

Since those days in education Tim has racked up over ten years of experience. Whether it’s fixing things, figuring them out, starting a system from scratch, he stands with a fantastic bank of knowledge about everything we do. 

“VFX is the only thing in the world that uses the full power of technology,” Tim continues. “And it’s such a fun business to be in. Let’s face it, you don’t go into this industry for the hours or the money – you do it for the fun.”

Outside of work Tim’s a bit of a DIY man. “I recently bought a flat and it’s a bit of a fixer-upper. At the moment I’m doing the kitchen. Next up is the double glazing, which isn’t really a priority in this weather!” 

He also loves his classic cars and is something of a mechanic. “My family owns two Alvis classic cars that I look after. I spent a lot of my teens going to car events.”

Tim is currently experimenting with VDI and NVIDIA GRID – getting his teeth stuck into something that Escape Technology is hot on the heels of. Providing remotely accessible virtual desktops is a big part of the future of computing, and with people like Tim on board Escape is in the right place to continue offering our customers the best service around.